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Midoriya Izuku: supports All Might, idolizes All Might, adores All Might and wants to be like him since he was a tiny broccoli in a onesie (and as a hero still wears a costume that mimics All Might’s distinctive traits)

Iida Tenya: supports his big brother Tensei, wants to be a hero like him, to lead like him, has been inspired by his big brother since he was a toddler and wants to avenge his tragic fall

Uraraka Ochako: supports her parents and wants to be the best daughter she can be, wants to be a hero to finally provide financial stability for her family and give her parents back all the love and support she received 

Kirishima Eijirou: wants to be a hero like Crimson Riot, his idol, to the point he changes his hairstyle to imitate him and adopts a similar costume

not to be dramatic but because skam feels so real due to not having incredibly over the top characters and scenarios like in other (American) television, the text and instagram updates, the minimalism in regards to filming, and everything else, the show ending feels less like a show coming to an end and more like a part of existence slowing down to a stop

More flowers

Part 1

Today was another long and hard day. Draco isn’t exactly in a bad mood, but it could be better. When he steps into the living room, he knits his brows together on purpose, though. This is another thing Draco would never admit out loud, but this isn’t the first time he acts a little more grumpy than he actually is, to get more flowers. Merlin, is Draco Malfoy turning soft?

When Harry simply announces that dinner is ready, Draco frowns at him for real. When Harry doesn’t jump up right after dinner either, Draco glowers at him.

“Where are my flowers, Potter? You’re slacking!”

Harry snickers at that and leans back in his chair.

“Don’t get your wand in a knot. They’re already in the bedroom,” he winks.

“What?” Draco says, wide-eyed. Harry beams at him, obviously anticipating this reaction. He probably saw through Draco all those times he practically begged for flowers, with his little charade, as well.

Today, Draco doesn’t care. He heads straight into the bedroom, wondering what kind of flowers Harry got him this time. But the sight before him, when he enters the bedroom, isn’t at all what he expected. There’s no bouquet on his bedside table, but a sea of rose petals, all over the floor, on the bed… Draco doesn’t know what to say… except…

“Merlin, what were you thinking, making such a mess?”

“Oh come on, Draco! It’s romantic,” Harry says, although he does sound a little unsure. Draco snorts, to which Harry just snickers again.

“You are such a sap,” Draco mutters, a smile tugging on his lips.

“Only for you,” Harry murmurs back as he pulls Draco in an embrace and buries his face in the crook of his neck.

Draco can’t help but roll his eyes while he wraps his arms around Harry as well.

“You’re an idiot,” he mumbles into Harry’s hair.

“A lovable idiot?”

Draco barks out a laugh and pulls Harry closer.

“Unfortunately, yes. I don’t think I would be able to ever stay away from you again, even if I tried.”

“Then don’t,” Harry says, lifting his head and staring into Draco’s eyes.

“I’m not planning to,” Draco replies, wondering about the strange tone in Harry’s voice.

“Then marry m-”

Draco slaps his hand over Harry’s mouth before he can finish.

“Oh no, you don’t! What are you doing? Wait, is that what the rose petals are all about? You must be joking!”

“I’m not,” Harry mumbles against Draco’s hand.

“Ugh!” Draco withdraws his hand and steps away from Harry.

“So… you don’t want to?”

Draco can hear Harry’s disappointment loud and clear.

“You really thought being cheesy was the way to go here?” Draco asks, gesturing around the room.  

“Well…” Harry knots his hands together and bites his lip. He bows his head, clearly not wanting Draco to see how disappointed he is.

Draco rolls his eyes at his boyfriend. As much as he dislikes cheesy gestures like this, he can’t help but notice his heart is beating a lot faster all of a sudden, which makes him smile. Damn Harry and his sweet gestures.



“You better be getting me flowers as my husband as well!”

i can’t believe i’m making a post about this i am so eXtra but i had to share my love and appreciation for real kosegruppa 💜

to all the real kosegruppa girls,

i was completely anxious about joining this gc and i had no idea how it was going to go but within days of being in it i realized i’d never met a group of people more welcoming and accepting. you ladies are some of the strongest, most intelligent, lovely people i’ve ever had the chance of being friends with and you’ve taught me so much whether it be intellectually or how to be a better person overall. we’ve been through some wild times in this group chat whether it be the personal things we go through in our separate lives across the world or a little Norwegian series that we all obsess over together and let ruin our lives :,) the memes, the roasting, the many marriages and weddings, the arguments, the weird kinks, the consecutive amount of times everyone’s been drunk and messy, and so much more that i can’t think of at the moment has made me grown attached to you all and pulled me through hard times in my life. i could literally write a book length amount all about how much i love ya’ll but i wont be trying jemmis patience today LOL. i’m so thankful to skam, emily for making this group chat, but more than anything i’m more thankful for all of you joining and creating this little family we have ♡

@lattestain @queerevak @westrnkids @liith-ium @lostinthemazeoffeelings @neilabramjcsten @vvarhola *IM SUCH A FLOP I DONT REMEMBER EVERYONES TUMBLRS IF I MISSED YOU IM SORRY 😭*

I apologize for the breakdown from last night. I was having a really hard time but I’m sorry about all the drama :( sometimes rambling about it on posts is the only thing that stops me from being impulsive and doing things I might regret :(

I want to thank @java-dragon @movieexpert1978 @tomboyluce @electrarhodes @mihatrochael @littlethingwithfeathers @thewaterisblood @avxda-kxdavra for the kind words and support. Special thanks to @the-un-brokenteacup and @slashyrogue

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Magnus was so happy to see Alec and he was smiling and gave a kiss bc he was worried about his bf and I love them being so positive and soft (Alec kinda ruined the moment but that's ok lol)

Their interaction in the beginning of that scene was everything I’ve wanted from Malec since this damn show started. A casual greeting kiss, standing close to each other, with small touches and bits of contact (honestly, would it have been so hard to have them touching each other’s chest/arms like that in 2a??????). It’s those little bits of affection that make it so clear that these are men in love - though obviously getting another set of ‘I love you’s at the end helped with that too.

And even though Alec did massively ruin the moment, I absolutely loved how that conflict was handled. It was realistic, nothing was conflated or over-sensationalized for the sake of Drama, and it was resolved in an honest, healthy way. Alec was wrong, he fucked up, he realized that he fucked up, and he apologized. He didn’t try to justify himself, he didn’t say “I was wrong but I had good intentions”, and he dealt with his shit on his own. I’m still THRILLED that it wasn’t Magnus’s responsibility to explain to Alec why he was wrong, or to try and defend his own humanity and his own rights. He didn’t have to ‘teach’ Alec anything. I loved that it was a conflict about a really serious, important thing, but nothing about it was overdramatic. Alec accepted that he fucked up, and he took responsibility for it and apologized.

Everything about Malec’s interactions in that ep gave me so much hope for the rest of their story. Obviously I adore that they’re getting simple affection and they’re clearly so in love with each other, but I also love that they’ve proven multiple times now that they can argue and be wrong and deal with conflict and work through it successfully, and be just as in love with each other when it’s done. 💜💜💜


(MOON NIGHT no Sei ni Shite)
(Blame on the MOON NIGHT)

Sung by: Kaoru Sakuraba (桜庭 薫) [CV: Yuuma Uchida (內田雄馬)],  Teru Tendo (天道 輝) [CV: Shuugo Nakamura (仲村宗悟)], and Tsubasa Kashiwagi (柏木 翼) [CV: Taku Yashiro (八代拓)] (DRAMATIC STARS)

not to get all sappy but it feels so good to actively enjoy and talk about naruto lmao…. its been a special interest of mine since like 2006 but ive never had a place to talk about it and i was always kind of ashamed of loving it as much as i do but i love this community n im very happy


Once upon a time there was a fucking queen. She had it all: the glory, the power. Worshippers eager to give and grateful to receive. Why? Because she had the gift of the gift. The blessing of blessings, hers to bestow. And her place of worship? Oh, that was the place to be.