I really didnt like how breath of the wild never properly explained the significance of all that blue. It just made me miss the iconic green tunic even more and it felt like they had gotten rid of it for nothing???

thebeautyisme answered your question: Brianna was coming down the stairs as he pulled…

It could be both. Also, Claire is (if anything) lunar. She’s associated w blue/blue light which suggests nighttime. In the 1st books when her fertility is an issue we hear about her periods which are regular & therefore occur once per lunar cycle

YES! I hadn’t even thought of this aspect of the Jamie as the sun dynamic but you are totally right! There’s also the fact that of the two, Claire is a bit of a night owl while Jamie is the early bird. Oh, now I want to go through and pull out as many instances of Claire being associated with the moon/night related activities/creatures to further flesh out these complementary associations.