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Was that anon joking because all I ever see from mikasa and ema stans is them acting like mikasa is the only one who has lost anything and using it as an excuse to anything she does, unless they are too busy bashing other characters, lol. And since this is a naruto blog, hinaturds never cared about other characters pain, that is nothing new. Neji was an asshole who redeem himself by dying for princess hintata. And Sasuke is an emo bitch who kept naruto too busy and thus making hintata suffer.

Yup. NH have no reason to be upset, they shit on characters they dislike on their blogs, I shit on characters I dislike on my blog. I honestly don’t understand what’s their problems. I don’t go to their blogs and ask them why they don’t care about other characters’ pain, why does this anon keep bothering me about my post on Hinata’s sob story -_-