BU Universe/Love Yourself Jimin Theory

And another one! Today we’ve gotten Love Yourself Highlight Reel 3, “轉”

Mature content ahoy. Landlubbers beware.

-part 1 located here-

This will only be for Jimin. I’m splitting him off because it appears he is not connected to YoonKook anymore. I’ll splice them back together if that changes.

My current working theory is that friendship is not enough to validate Jimin internally and he has romantically latched onto J-hope due to proximity, but J-hope is straight, so Jimin is imagining an alter ego of himself as a girl and what could’ve been if he had been born female. When he falls while dancing his mind splits off into a fantasy and he imagines the girl falling at the same time.

The legs during the running scene are clearly not of a person who is carrying somebody on their back. Furthermore, we can conclude that they are Jimin’s legs and not J-hope’s because they are wearing Jimin’s shoes.

Jimin’s reality: He fell while dancing and popped his stitches and distressedly kept trying to wash the blood off. Jimin’s imagination: J-hope carried his alter ego heroically to get help. The scene of J-hope running is played against Jimin running, then stopping and turning around to walk back the other way, as if he started rushing somewhere on impulse and then changed his mind about it and turned back. He may have been running to J-hope but then changed his mind.

Some clarification about Jimin’s suicide attempt because people still seem confused. Skip this paragraph if that squicks you out. He turned only the hot water on because when you slit your wrists in the tub the point is to bleed out as fast as possible, so you want the water as hot as possible (please don’t try this at home, suicide is not the answer to your problems). The water turns a murky white to symbolize his blood mixing with it; they didn’t make it red because that would be too provocative. He was shivering after getting out of that super hot bath because he lost a bunch of blood. They showed red water in the sink this time but they’re still not showing his cut wound because that would be too provocative. It’s there in spirit, you just have to use your imagination a bit.

Quick update on HR2, a wild Jungkook appears!? Credits to kookminworld0507 senpai for noticing.

He’s wearing the same clothes as Jimin and sitting in the same spot.  This could have some wonky implications for what’s going on with Jimin that I can’t quite figure out right now, any additional insight would be greatly welcomed!

I’m not averse to the alternate theory that Jimin and Jungkook have started something romantic, but it doesn’t seem as plausible right now with the info we have.

Will update with the next release!

BTS: How they react when they deny you a kiss so you playfully say you’ll ask one of the other members for one instead


When Namjoon playfully denied your kiss and you said you’d ask Taehyung for one instead, he would immediately pull you towards him and kiss you deeply. “Taehyung isn’t as good of a kisser as me, don’t ask him~”


Jin: Omo, fine, go ask Namjoon! If you want a kiss that bad, I’m sure he’ll happily oblige! *cute angry Jin appears*

You: *kisses him anyways*

Him: *giggles and blushes profusely*  


Yoongi would be a little pouty. He denied your kiss playfully because he wanted you to work for it so when you replied like that he would just *gif*. “Fine, I would have kissed you but if you really-” *you interrupt him with a kiss* He’d immediately start blushing and smiling sweetly, very shy.


Hobi would be so cutely mad at you for even suggesting such a thing. “OMO…You’ll ask Jungkook for a kiss? How could you? Are you that desperate for one?” When he realized you were just playing he’d do the same. “IF YOU WANT ONE THAT BAD COME HERE AND I’LL GIVE IT TO YOU.”


When you said you’d ask Hobi for a kiss instead, he’d catch on to your playfulness and would just laugh. “You’re crazy. If you ask Hobi for a kiss you know he’ll give it to you right? Do you really want that? Come here~” Would pull you close and kiss you sweetly. “Don’t tease about kissing other guys from now on, okay?~”


Taehyung would probably find it a little funny but wouldn’t tease you too much. Would find it more cute than anything else. Would squish your cheeks and kiss you quickly. “Aigoo…You don’t have to ask Jimin. From now on when you want a kiss just kiss me, okay? You don’t have to ask~”


Jungkook would probably find it cute that you tried to make him jealous, wouldn’t be able to take it too seriously. He’d just laugh at you and tease you too. He’d pull you in for a kiss but would stop. “I don’t know…Maybe I should go ask Yoongi for one instead. *dies*”

Hope you like it! ^^

Lorcan spat on the roof. “I was going to offer to bring your body back to your beloved mountain to be buried alongside Lyria once i finished with the keys. Now I’ll just let you rot here. Alongside your pretty little princess” He tried to ignore the blow, the thought of that grave atop his mountain. “is that a threat?”
—  Guys,Rowan has a favourite mountain with Lyria’s grave on it. He visited Sam’s grave with Aelin. what is he takes her to see Lyria’s grave. imagine the stuff he would tell her, how he would introduce Aelin.Imagine the last book ending with that scene. The tears both of them would shed-WE would shed.Both his mates, the two women he loved and othe child he never had. TEARS.