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Greetings again everyone! It’s our pleasure to give you all another update on the Shingeki Ever After-front. As you may have noticed already - our logo has changed! Brand new and shiny. This is the logo you’ll see back on our tumblr and YouTube layouts, and our future episodes.

The Team

We’ve welcomed many new talents into our Voice Actor department - since our last proper update in April we have managed to find a suitable voice for every character in our story, except for Farlan. More info on how to audition for his part can be requested by sending us an e-mail at shingekinofairytales@gmail.com .

If you’re curious to meet the first few members of our cast, visit our “Meet The Cast” playlist on YouTube! Actors will be introduced in batches of four, so definitely keep an eye on this list (or, even easier: You can subscribe to our channel and never miss out on new footage in the future! :D)

The Story

The scripts for the Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have been finished, and a start on Chapter 3 has been made! The first two on this list have already been recorded by our voice actors - the Prologue is actually properly finished already~ More about that later on in this update post.


Our talented artists have been working very hard to ensure that your favorite characters and their surroundings are beautifully brought to life. This time we’ll be showing you the sprites for Isabel and Farlan:

Their sprites were lined and colored by Marina.

For more sprites, you can visit our Cast List! Whenever a new sprite is finished, it’ll be added to this page.

And to see the art in action, check out our teasers!

Teaser 1: On My Way
Teaser 2: Part Of Your World


A new category! Since our Prologue was already finished and ready for the visuals, we decided to go with a whole new look. And boy, are we happy with it:

This is a direct screencap from the Prologue, and thus an exclusive sneak peek. As you can see, our episodes are going to be in glorious full HD from now on! (And doesn’t mini-Eren just look adorable?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That’s it for this time! Thank you all for your support and if you happen to have questions/comments, you’re free to leave them in our askbox and we’d be more than happy to answer them. And if you don’t want to miss out on our future updates, teasers and episodes, follow us on tumblr and subscribe to our YouTube channel!~

~ The SEA Team