~*dramatic sigh*~

Dealing with sassy littles!! 😇
  • Me: -rolls eyes-
  • Daddy: Baby, did you just roll your eyes?
  • Me: -sighs dramatically-
  • Daddy: Don't you be sassy with me.
  • Me: -mumbles under my breath-
  • Daddy: Princess. Don't give daddy attitude.
  • Me: -crosses arms grumpily-
  • Daddy: I think you need a hug.
  • Me: -nods angrily-
  • Daddy: Come here baby, let me make it better.
  • Me: -smiles a little and walks over shyly-
  • Daddy: -gasps- WAS THAT A SMILE!?
  • Me: -covers my face and pretends to be mad-
  • Daddy: Are you blushing!?
  • Me: -growls softly while smiling-
  • Daddy: Don't laugh baby girl you know it's my weakness.
  • Me: -starts to laugh and giggle-
  • Interviewer : and what do you see as your strengths?
  • Me : procrastinating, getting emotionally invested in fictional relationships, making spongebob references
  • Interviewer : ....well we always needed someone who could make spongebob references
BTS as shit my friends did
  • Jin: *writes their signature in sharpie over someone’s homework* now you can sell this for thousands of dollars in the future
  • Yoongi: *is trying to sleep on the couch with their drunk friend telling a story while throwing up next to him*
  • Hoseok: *draws plus signs on the white board* sometimes you just have to see the positives in life
  • Namjoon: okay, you know how i said i would buy my friend a book for her birthday. *opens bag* i accidentally bought twelve. for myself.
  • Jimin: *sees friend eat a marshmallow* why are you eating a part of my family???
  • Taehyung: *stands on their desk with their hands on their hips before every test* this test means nothing!!
  • Jungkook: *dramatically sighs* please, I'm the most confident person you'll ever know... *turns to friend* i am, right?
  • Draco: I'm cold.
  • Harry: I don't have a jacket.
  • Draco, sighing dramatically: I'm cold.
  • Harry: I'm only wearing a shirt.
  • Draco: I'm coooold
  • Harry: Do you want me to take off my shirt??
  • Draco: Yes please.
  • Draco: I know you'll warm me up real quick when you're in between my legs.
  • Harry: That was strangely effective.
dating draco malfoy would include....

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  • little kisses out of literally nowhere
  • that you pretend annoy you
  • but really you can’t get enough
  • him over-dramatically sighing whenever you’re busy
  • just him being a dramatic lil shit in general
  • but this comes in handy for dates
  • because he will only give you the absolute best
  • i’m talking candlelit dinners and rose petals
  • late nights in the astronomy tower
  • and slowly but surely you start to break down his walls
  • and you two are just so completely comfortable together
  • if any guy so much as looks at you too long
  • draco will stare him down like a hawk
  • he’ll walk right up to you
  • wrap his arms around your waist
  • and kiss your forehead
  • so that the whole damn world knows you’re his girl
  • honestly just so freaking protective
  • but it’s only because he loves you more than anything
  • snowy walks in hogsmeade
  • and if you look even a little tiny bit cold 
  • he will literally force you to take his jacket
  • sometimes you’ll be walking down the hall
  • and he’ll just grab you and pull you into the nearest closet
  • and snog you senseless
  • he loves leaving hickies
  • so you’re constantly having to wear scarves
  • him not wanting you to meet his parents
  • because he’s afraid they’ll scare you off
  • and that’s the last thing he wants
  • but when he meets yours
  • he’s all fancied up in a suit and tie
  • and is the perfect gentleman
  • “this meal was perfectly lovely, mrs. Y/L/N.”
  • him holding you at night
  • your head on his chest
  • his arms wrapped around you lovingly
  • and just so much love and passion and AW

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I’m officially two weeks into teaching “The Hobbit.”

And it is such a rollercoaster.

Here are just a few of the moments I’ve had this week:

  • A group of girls being obsessed with how small a hobbit baby must be.
  • One student drawing me a Gollum for his character poster with a bottle of lotion because “It’ll help with his slimy skin.” Then being mad when I pointed out that, if he was wearing the ring (which he was), that he would be invisible, which resulted in a dramatic sigh and a “So I didn’t have to do anything other than the ring,” which made me laugh.
  • A student thinking elves and trolls are the same thing and a lengthy discussion on what defines each species.
  • A SPED student who barely pays attention answering my daily riddle almost immediately after I finished reading it and everyone in the room being super impressed, including his para.
  • One girl whining because she thinks The Hobbit is boring and me rather bluntly telling her that if she didn’t like this, which is relatively modern and fun with adventure, then the next three years of her English education were going to be rough. She then proceeded to whine and I moved on. A second later, another girl who never talks turned to me and gave me a shy smile and said, “I like it.” And I don’t think she knows how much that meant to me because it’s so hard to hear that something you’ve spent so much time and energy into making fun isn’t being appreciated.
  • One of the kids I taught during my student teaching burst into my room and yelled, “The Hobbit?!?! Why do the freshmen get to read it?!” So, ya know, even if all my freshmen aren’t thrilled, I’ve got a few jealous upperclassmen.

Some things I’ve absolutely come to love about it:

  • My “nerdy” kids have an opportunity to really be excited and be appreciated by the class for producing insight and pointing out things that are important later that the other kids didn’t notice.
  • My artistic kids are finding outlets through some of the projects we’re doing and are generally thriving.
  • My musical kids are singing (or trying to sing) all the various songs in the play and no one is judging or teasing them for it. Plus, it feels more authentic when the songs are sung.
  • The kids who have seen the movies are having great discussions about book-to-movie adaptations and are noticing more and more minute things and getting more “deep” with their discussions of why changes were made.
  • My kids are actively looking for theme and having great group discussions about things like greed and heroism and what it means to be kind.
  • My students are starting to learn how to annotate and actively think while they’re reading so they notice things.

Overall, it’s so great and I love it and how much I can do with it. It makes teaching English so much fun right now. I love it. This is what teaching is supposed to be like.

Thank you, Professor, and cheers!

Malec Headcanon with kids
  • Alec: *walks into kids' bedroom* Hey guys- *sees kids in a pool of glitter* MAGNUS WHY ARE OUR KIDS COVERED IN GLITTER?!?
  • Magnus: "Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter, make it rain"
  • Alec: *Sighs dramatically*
Alternative Epilogue.

Teddy Lupin sits in a muggle car in muggle London, his godfather (and guardian), Harry Potter, is driving, they’ve just come back from a day at the zoo, Harry likes educating him about the muggle world as much as possible. Draco Malfoy, his cousin and Harry’s husband, is sitting in the front seat grumbling about mean monkeys who tried to pinch his nose.
“It’s not their fault your nose is all pointy” Harry had teased. Draco had sighed dramatically and promised Harry would have the divorce papers on his desk by Monday. Harry had just grinned and pinched his nose again.
“Can we stop by McDonald’s?” Teddy asks, hopeful.
“No. There’s dinner at home.” Both Harry and Draco say.
“I hate this fucking family.” He says indignantly and receives a hiss of “Language, young man!”

(He ends up convincing them of getting him a Bic Mac and large fries after he threatens to change hair colors in front of the next muggle he sees. He’s munching on fries as Draco leans his head on Harry’s shoulder, who’s smiling softly at both of them. All was well).

(1. This is almost a week late and I’m ?? so sorry 2. This went in a much less funny and much more angsty/fluffy direction than I had anticipated I’m so so sorry……and without further ado “bro…that’s so…not cool…” + holsom for @checkplease-insanity !!)

Ransom rubs his eyes and check his phone for the time. 3:47. He sighs loudly, dramatically, even though he knows there’s no one home to appreciate his theatrics. He’s been working on a paper for his molecular biology class and he thinks, with full honesty, that he’s ready to die. He doesn’t care if graduation is a month away, he can feel death at his heels and he feels strangely at ease as he imagines his paper swallow him whole.

“That’s fucking bullshit and you know it.” Ransom jumps as he hears the front door slam and Holster’s voice float up the stairs. “Mom–mom, fuck.” There’s a thud that Ransom recognizes as Holster’s gym bag and then the strangely light patter of his footsteps up the stairs. “You can’t do that!” Ransom watches, frozen, as Holster stalks into the attic, a scowl on his face, cheeks redder than he had ever seen them, with his phone jammed tight against his ear. A moment later, Holster’s eyes slip closed, his eyebrows knitting together. “Fine,” he says quietly, firmly, into his phone and hangs up angrily, throwing it onto his bed. He collapses next to it.

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