~*a masterpiece*~

y’all know this “reimagined” cast is just gonna be mini knockoff versions of the pack right?? like they’re gonna assemble a new pack with the same character archetypes as the ones we already know and love

  • Wendy: *misses Acnologia with her attack*
  • Acnologia: Wow, that really blows
  • Natsu: I can't believe you made a fucking pun in the middle of this
  • Acnologia: Yeah, I'm really on fire here
  • Sting: Please shut up
  • Acnologia: I'm just trying to lighten things up!
  • Cobra: We are going to kick your ass so hard--
  • Acnologia: I don't think so, I think the scale is more balanced towards my side
  • Gajeel: Can someone shut this guy up
  • Acnologia: I only have a few screws loose
  • Rogue: I'm gonna kill him
  • Acnologia: Was my humor too dark for you?
  • Laxus: Fuck you
  • Acnologia: What shocking language
  • Wendy: this is my fault