How many times does Julian casually pick up the apprentice???

  • He pulls them out of the barrel their dumbass falls into
  • He carries them out of the rowdy raven after the alarms go off
  • He lifts them out of the waterway after the eel bite
  • Picks them up again and carries them for a little while
  • Hoists them up when they’re climbing over the garden fence
  • Lifts them up through Mazelinka’s window

That’s 6, did I miss any

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Anything in jimin’s chart that maybe explains him being kinda the most active on social media with the twt videos yt logs and all? I noticed how hes the type to like to just talk about stuff like in his most recent log he talked about their concert with taiji and the comeback in general. Its just that i feel like hes the most active and talkative of all the members. Maybe its his gemini moon?

yes i think it’s his gemini moon (gives him a great need to express his feelings) in combination with his libra sun which is already quite sociable. he also has mercury (mind, communication) trine uranus (technology), which is a pretty strong indicator of a social media addict, someone with an interest in the all the latest gadgets and inventions!

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Miałem zamiar podejść do Ciebie i zapytać, czy masz wolny wieczór, ale uświadomiłem sobie, że wieczór to za mało, więc chciałbym zapytać od razu,czy masz dla mnie wolne całe swoje życie.
—  Piotr Adamczyk