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Alright, guys, you know the drill! Please reblog this post if you’d like to participate in this year’s Bering and Wells Holiday Gift Exchange! We’ll have everyone paired by the 22nd, so please reblog the post before then. Also, please keep your ask boxes open so that we can send you a message with your Secret Santa. Respond to the message privately (don’t post it on your blog – it’s a Secret Santa, after all) to let us know that you’re all set and ready to participate. Finally, please make sure that you can actually commit to making something for your partner before you reblog this post. We don’t want anyone to be left without presents, and it’s kind of tricky to reassign people.

Here’s to another great holiday season!

– Sophie


Warehouse 13 | 4.03 - Personal Effects

Conway - “I don’t understand! My wife’s been begging me to take her golfing.”
Artie - “These clubs - you bought these clubs at the pawn shop downtown?”
Conway - “I wasn’t gonna get her a new set of Callaways. I want her to hate it. Golf is my hobby, it’s MY time to hang out with the guys!”


My studio will be open to this public this weekend! The Los Angeles Brewery Art walk starts tomorrow at 11am and goes until 6pm Saturday and Sunday: 642 Moulton Ave W13. see you there! (at Brewery Art Los Angeles)

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