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Hello Fjorn! I have watched the tv show; Vikings, and wondered if you could tell us more about the vikings' rite of passage into adulthood. There don't seem to be much information available regarding this, and I'm curious of for example if they did give their children armrings like Bjorn and the other boys are given in the tv show. Was this a male-only ritual? Did the girls wear armrings, or oath-rings too? Could you write a little about those types of rings?Thank you in advance!

Velkomin(n), vinur minn,
(Welcome, my friend,)

From my experience, which is quite meager in the grand scheme of things, I have not yet come across any widely-practiced social rite involving arm-rings as gifts for coming-of-age ceremonies. I have a fair amount (hardly) of information that I could give you about children in the Viking Age and medieval Iceland, but nothing about arm-rings and coming-of-age ceremonies, it seems. To reassure you that I have at least given the search some effort, I have looked through several books for a direct reference (both primary and secondary), but to no avail. If you are interested in those, see the endnotes at the bottom of this post.(1)

I can say that arm-rings undoubtably held social weight, often demonstrating one’s wealth and prestige, but they could have various roles within society. As for women, they most definitely could wear arm-rings, among other types of jewelry. Our sagas may not mention it often, for those often have a very masculine lens through which they view their world, but other evidence suggests it to be so, such as burials (especially the Oseburg burial). Women often wore various types of jewelry, for it clearly demonstrated their rank to others within society.

In short, there are no direct examples (at least that I am able to locate) of this arm-ring giving scene. Yet, that does not mean that there are no places worth digging around. There are a few traditions that were quite similar, and gift-giving was a very important part of Viking Age society.


SINCE YOU HAVE ASKED about a scene from Vikings, which is loosely based on Ragnars saga Loðbrókar (The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok (or Lothbrok)), that seemed to be a suitable place to investigate, at least in regards to primary sources. There are two versions of this saga, one that is not complete from AM 147 4to, and the most complete version from NkS 1824b 4to; my copy has been translated from the latter. Yet, perhaps without much surprise, there is no scene of Bjorn being given an arm-ring for reaching manhood. In fact, in this version, Bjorn is the son of Ragnar and a woman named Kraka (crow) and very little is said about his childhood, which is actually quite common for much of saga literature.(2) Nonetheless, all in the same chapter, Bjorn goes from being born to raiding with his brothers.(3)

There was, however, something rather similar to a rite of passage, which involved sprinkling a newborn baby with water (vatni ausinn), naming that baby (nafnfestr), and then giving that baby gifts. This process meant that the child had been properly brought into society.(4) An example of nafnfestr is actually found in The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok, but later on when Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye is born. Here is the passage:

“When he (Ragnar) saw the boy, he was asked how he would name him. He spoke a verse:

The child shall be called Sigurd,
he’ll hold court in battles;
much like his own mother’s
mighty father shall he be.
Of all Odin’s kindred
he’ll be accounted the best.
Showing a snake in his eye,
he’ll be the slayer of many.

Now he took a gold ring off his own hand and gave it to the boy as a name-gift.”(5)

That scene, although similar, does not involve an arm-ring nor a passage into adulthood. In fact, this gift does not even have to be a ring at all. In Völsunga saga (The Saga of the Volsungs), a similar situation occurs, but this child is given three gifts. It goes as follows:

“And when Helgi was born, Norns came to set his destiny, saying that he would become the most famous of all kings. Sigmund had returned from battle and went with a leek to meet his son. He gave the boy the name Helgi, and as gifts for this name-fastening he granted Hringstead, Solfell, and a sword. He bid the child to advance himself well and to take after the race of the Volsungs.”(6)

Young Helgi is given land and a sword upon his name-fastening (nafnfestr), yet nothing is told about any ritual that he must go through before becoming an adult. As we saw before with Bjorn, the saga quickly ages Helgi into adulthood with very little transition.


CHILDREN IN THE VIKING AGE, especially those of a bœndr (land-owner), were frequently sent away from their original homes to be fostered by another family.(7) This is something that does not happen in the show Vikings, although Ragnar was a bœndr himself (in the beginning). The system was rather complex, and, since you did not ask, I will not go into too much detail about it. The point in bringing this up is to mention that everyone in society had to be attached to a household, and that children were often not even directly attached to their paternal household.(8) Men above the age of sixteen and single women above the age of twenty could choose their own household arrangements, though.(9)

I would also like to bring up another aspect of that scene in Vikings. Bjorn is not only given the arm-ring to signify that he is an adult, but also to swear his allegiance to the chieftain. In reality, only the head of the household was required to be “in Thing” with a chieftain, meaning that that person (and their household) was to be a part of that chieftain’s assembly.(10) In other words, Bjorn would not have had to prove himself loyal unless he was formally taking on the role as the head of the household (and not just temporarily acting as the head of household whenever Ragnar goes abroad). It was possible to join and leave an “in Thing” attachment with a chieftain, at least in Iceland.(11) Was this true in Viking Age Norway? Perhaps not, but our sources for that are more limited or come from Icelandic authors (nor am I particularly well-versed in Norwegian sources).

Nonetheless, it seems that the ages for ‘adulthood’ varied based on gender, but not substantially. A male was considered an adult when he reached the age of twelve (which was also the same age in which he could became a target in feuds),(12) but he was not allowed to receive his inheritance until the age of sixteen.(13) The sagas suggest that women could marry as early as the age of thirteen, which perhaps indicates that as being the beginning of their adulthood (likely whenever they had their first period), yet they were unable to receive an inheritance until the age of twenty, and only then if they were unmarried.(14) Again, there does not seem to be any clear indication of any ceremonies involved with coming-of-age.

It seems that adulthood was not determined by a ceremony, but rather by the social situations that one was entering. At the age of twelve, a man would be able to prosecute in courts, sit as a judge, and take over their own chieftaincy.(15) Unfortunately, the sagas seem to suggest that a woman only began their adulthood through marriage, and, if not married, by the age of twenty. There may have been ceremonies imbedded into these ‘accomplishments’, but our written materials do not seem to have recorded them very well. Even if there was a rite of passage that took place, I do not believe that it would have necessarily been centered around the gift of an arm-ring, especially for the children of poorer families.


ALTHOUGH NOT INTEGRAL TO ADULTHOOD, arm-rings still held an important role within the minds of the Norse, yet this could also be said about various other types of crafts. Rings worn on the finger, for example, have often played important roles in Norse legends.(16) In the end, arm-rings could play various roles within society. Although I do not have any examples of them being used for a coming-of-age ceremony, I have found examples of them being used to bribe men in legal cases and to symbolize the formation of special bonds between king and follower.

This first example is a bit more relevant to the type of function that you originally sought, although not quite. In Egil’s Saga, Egil travels to England and serves under King Athelstan for a bit, which is quite a common practice for prominent Icelanders traveling abroad. After quite a bit of battling, Egil proves himself, having fought well and having been a devout follower. Upon returning from the battle, they enjoy a feast, but Egil is troubled, although he had been given the high seat that faced the king (a prestigious position in the hall). A disgruntled Egil and King Athelstan engage in a sort of respectful stare-off, and this is what follows:

“King Athelstan was sitting in the high seat, with his sword laid across his knees too. And after they had been sitting there like that for awhile, the king unsheathed his sword, took a fine, large ring from his arm and slipped it over the point of the sword, then stood up and walked across the floor and handed it over the fire to Egil. Egil stood up, drew his sword and walk out on to the floor. He put his sword through the ring and pulled it towards him, then went back to his place. The king sat down in his high seat. When Egil sat down, he drew the ring on to his arm, and his brow went back to normal. He put down his sword and helmet and took the drinking-horn that was served to him, and finished it.”(17)

Egil had proven himself in battle and yet felt that he had not been honored well enough for doing so. As a result, he was in an agitated state while in the hall until King Athelstan offered him the arm-ring. Later Egil is offered even more treasure, but it is clear that the arm-ring had a much more significant impact. This is much more about honor and recognition, though, than it would be any sort of transition into a new stage of life. Egil was honored, and his position with King Athelstan had improved along with that gesture, but he was still an adult and a follower in the end (although he could leave whenever he pleased).

Arm-rings did not only have a role among kings and the battle-hardened, though, for they could even find themselves as being tools for bribery in legal cases. In Njal’s Saga, a man named Eyjolf Bolverksson is bribed by a man named Flosi Thordarson for support in a legal case through the gift of an arm-ring. This case in particular was a high-risk case against Flosi, for he had set fire to Njal’s home, killing him and his family. Flosi originally tried to flattery Eyjolf, but once Eyjolf learned of what Flosi was after (his legal support), he quickly came to anger and rejected his request, for Flosi had done something very shameful, and this case would be hard to win (let alone trying to support someone whom the community already viewed so negatively). Yet, with the gift of an arm-ring, translated here as ‘bracelet’, Eyjolf has a change of mind:

“Flosi took a gold bracelet from his arm and spoke: ‘I want to give you this bracelet, Eyjolf, for your friendship and support and to show you that I have no wish to deceive you. You had best accept this bracelet for there’s no man here at the Thing to whom I have given such a gift.’

The bracelet was so large and so well made that it was worth twelve hundred ells of striped homespun. Hallbjorn pulled it up Eyjolf’s arm.

Eyjolf spoke: ‘It seems quite proper to accept the bracelet now that you are being so kind. And you can count on me to take over your defense and do whatever is necessary.’”(18)

There are a few examples of rings (not necessarily arm-rings, though) being given to children, but not for the purpose of that child having become an adult. In two cases in Njal’s Saga alone, children are given rings, but each for a different purpose (that is, not for adulthood). Early in the saga, two boys and a girl are acting as the adults in a game, pretending to act out the legal case that had just unfolded. They end up mocking the adults in doing so, and a man named Hoskuld gets agitated about it, striking one of the boys. Hrut, Hoskuld’s brother, called over the boy and does this:

“Hrut took a gold ring from his finger and gave it to him and said, ‘Go away, and don’t ever give offense again.’ The boy went away and said, ‘I shall always remember your decency.’”(19)

This ring did not act as a symbol of passage, but it did have an impact on the boy’s life. This generous gift from Hrut taught the child to act with kindness instead of with violence, as his brother Hoskuld demonstrated earlier in contrast. The other example is fairly similar, and so I will not quote it here to save us from the redundancy. In the end, as these examples have demonstrated, arm-rings, along with other symbols of wealth (often rings), often have various social functions. Arm-rings were used to bestow great honor, as we saw with Egil, or they could be used to bribe someone into assisting with a legal case. Rings, and perhaps arm-rings as well, could also be used to impact a child’s development, although this could have been entirely for literary purposes. Such a claim would require much more digging, but the possibility is still within reason.

I HOPE THIS INFORMATION has satisfied the needs of your question. Although I could not find any information about arm-rings actually being used for coming-of-age ceremonies, they did have a role in society that is worth mentioning (and investigating further), which we have discussed. I most definitely could have missed some useful or insightful material. My personal library is rather small, and I am still a young academic (only just now wrapping up my undergraduate stage). I would like to revisit this topic one day, but I have more reading and learning to do before I could tackle it properly.

Nonetheless, there are various other things we could discuss with more detail, such as the social practices of gift-giving in general, which could very well have included arm-rings even if they are not always explicitly mentioned. Still, such a discussion would not have fulfilled your question any more so than our current one has. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to send them my way. I would be more than happy to continue this discussion.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

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Imagine joining forces on set with Alex

In honor of the Friday Prompts my fellow Army girls.
Oh my god you are awesome thank you! Well I was wanting one Alex x reader where they work together at Vikings of course and they are really into each other but haven’t admitted it until they can’t help it anymore and end up secretly fucking on set and confessing their feelings for each other, what do you think?
Note: I think that writting this was so much fun! I hope you like it to. ;-) Let me know if so. Other way of writing but so damn fun to do!
Words: 2338

The weather was terrible, you walked with a winterjacket and a scarf only to resist the sharp cold wind. It wasn’t freezing, in fact the sun shined but the wind maked it almost unbearable to walk around without those two things. As a horsetrainer you came everywhere around the world and if you had to choose you loved a little warmth over some freezing cold. But it was part of the job and for now you needed to ready the horses for the filmday at hand. What meant you needed to warm them up, clean them and maked the propper arrangements to their gear. You took a rope and walked to one of the paddocks that were build aside the set, to give the horses a change to strecht their legs. Arian was watching you from in the farest corner, his ears pointed foward, his intelligent eyes following your every move.
‘I know what you are thinking.’ You said to him. He wasn’t the easiest, but he did his job excellent. From the moment you walked closer the wind caught him and he started to gallop around, shaking his white head like he was amused by the thought that you were going to catch him. ‘Arian.’ With the wind all the horses were a little hotheated. Knowing Arian would be on set today meant that you would need some extra time to calm him done before he joked around when he actually needed to be focust. But that horse got you good, standing still on a distant and cantering again when you came closer.
‘She is trying to catch my horse.’ You turned around to the voice. Alex stood against the fense, back towards you while he was filming himself and you on the background trying to catch Arian.
‘If you put that on instagram I’ll do you something.’ You shouted. He turned around, curious.
‘What will you do to me?’
‘You don’t want to find out.’
‘To late.’ He reacted on that. You shook your head, smiling and looked back to Arian.
‘You better help me.’ You said to him. He leaned over the fense, arms crossed over it while he looked amused towards Arian walking away from you.
‘Why should I do that? I have the time of my life seeing you struggle.’ He laughed. It was what the both of you did, joking around with each other. The second best thing about your job in training horses for series and films was that you had to privileged to work with some pretty amazing actors. Alex Hogh Andersen was one of them, his role as Ivar was the other thing that caused you to fall for him. But how dangerous and manipulative that character could be,Alex was the oppisit.
‘Because you need him today. The less time I can prep him the more difficult it will be for you to handle him.’ You answered his question.
‘The more I need you, with other words, isn’t a bad thing.’ He joked, jumping over the fence into the paddock. Arian looked at the both of you before he walked over to Alex, he started laughing, petting Arian over the head.
‘What did you gave him?’ You asked. The horses were on a strict diet, Arian being so willing for Alex meant that he gave that horse something.
‘My unconditional love.’ He answered, smiling aside to you. You walked closer to him and took Arian from him over.
‘I don’t believe thing from what you say.’ You reacted. He looked at you, your face half hidden in your scarf and started laughing again. ‘What? Never seem somebody have cold before.’
‘It’s cute!’ He squeezed your cheeks and you kicked his hands away. ‘Do you need me to warm you up.’
‘Not funny Alex.’
‘I wouldn’t dare to laugh.’ He reacted, with a more tender smile. He was serious? He helped you and Arian out of the paddock until he looked on his watch. ‘Need to go, see you on set. Don’t get me killed.’ He pointed to Arian while running off.
‘I wouldn’t dare to loose my favorit person around here.’ You shouted after him. So saw him trow you a smile before he left you with that kind of feeling again, and it wasn’t the first time you felt that way.

‘Is he ready? They need you and him on set.’ The setcoordinator said to you. You jumped on the chariot and took the reins.
‘Let’s go Arian.’ You loosened the reins a little and he walked of, pulling the chariot behind him. For a second you felt quite the viking yourself, all proud and tough while you leaded that horse to set on some of the most epic attributed they had, Ivar his chariot. The wind laid down a little, making Arian more focust and eager to work. When you arrived on the set a large viking force stood ready to film the epic scene where the Heathen Army for the first time got showed of to Aella. ‘Boys.’ You greeted, Alexander, Jordan, David and Marco. Alex jumped on the chariot and took his place on the seat. ‘You know the drill, if he gets axcious just play a little with the reins, give him something to focus on.’ You advised him.
‘I would love to see that horse to take off with you.’ Marco joked, leaning on the egde of the chariot. They started talking their own language and you looked between the two in.
‘That’s my cue to leave.’ You jumped from the chariot, Alexander laughed, giving you a shoulderpet while you walked over to Arian. ‘Be good.’ You warned him.
‘You come safe me right?’ Alex asked. You turned around and looked up to him.
‘I didn’t thought Ivar the Boneless needed saving.’ You joked, he tilted his head and you walked smiling away. Arian was never alone, one of the stablehands was dressed as a viking and would be around on all times. ‘Good luck.’ You said to them before you left set. You waited with the crew behind the scenes. You loved to how a simple play turned out to be a whole series. You were part of it, not in it but aside it. Arian behaved, Alex was extrodionary in his role as Ivar. He had a thousand fangirls behind him only for that role and you had the change to work with him, to be his friend. You didn’t only respect him, you admirered him, were draw to him, who wouldn’t.

It was dark when you trained the last horse for tomorrow. The setgrounds were silent, everybody was doing his own thing. Most turned back to the nearby village, others stayed in the trailers on set. Rowen walked under you to the stables, you petted him on his neck from out of the saddle. ‘What are you still doing here?’ You asked Alex when you saw him standing before the stall of Arian, giving him a treat. You lashed him carefull with the wip while passing. ‘Don’t.’
‘He deserves some treat for his good work today.’ Alex turned towards you, his messy hair up in a little knot on the back of his head, hands hidden in his pockets.
‘They would better give me a treat for my good work.’ You laughed, jumping from Rowen before you started to untack him. Alex didn’t react on that and your turned around to him, he just leaned against Rowen his stable and looked at you. ‘What?’ You asked while leading Rowen in his stable, closing the door while you kept your eyes on Alex.
‘You seriously want a treat?’ He asked.
 ‘Why not. It’s a job like another, you get all the fangirls and I just see an amount of money on my account.’
‘You have the privilege to work with those awesome and handsome actors.’
‘Are you talking about yourself because yes,’ You didn’t got the change to finish that sentence, Alex pulled you towards him, placing his lips on yours. You pulled back in an instant and looked at him, confussed. ‘What are we doing?’
‘Giving you a treat.’ He reacted, looking down to your lips in that way again. You felt a whole lot of Ivar in that look and to be honest, you hardly could resist. ‘Maybe I like you more than I let out.’ He followed. Okay, easy decision. You placed your lips back on his, wrapping an arm around his neck while he pulled you closer by your waist. The cold rushed out with this kind of a kiss. His hand rested on the small of your back, you felt his fingertips on your naked skin underneath your jacket. Offcourse, Rowen took it as his business to put his nose against your hair. You started laughing, duking away from him.
‘Go to sleep Rowen!’ You lectured the horse. Alex pulled you around the corner where the hay was stocked and you felt his devilish plan coming from miles away. ‘We are not,’
‘A horsegirl like you, don’t say you never thought about it.’ He smiled his boyish smile. You bited your lip, closing your eyes when he kissed you again. You had to admit, this kind of luxery didn’t had his fangirls, they could only dream about it. He zipped open your jacket, you felt his cold hands through you shirt, letting you shiver. But it didn’t take him long to warm you up. You pulled your jacket out while he unwrapped your scarf from around your neck, in all that time you never lost touth of each other. He kissed you neck, you stroke your hands over his chest. Alex wasn’t the rough kind, not like his character in this series was. He laid you down on a hay bale and hovered over you. Making out in the stables, you could scrap that from your bucketlist, just like the fact you were doing it with Alex Hogh Andersen, scrape that to. You pulled his sweater and shirt over his head laid your hands against his bare chest while he pulled out your shirt, leaving you in only your bra and pants. The rest went on his own, ending with the fact that you had to hold your moans for yourself not wanting to have someone looking around in the stables. Feeling him inside you, you clenshed your teeth with every movement you maked.
‘Alex.’ You moaned out in a final breath, getting to your higest point and explode in all kind of wonderfull things. And he did just the same.
‘Stay.’ He panted against your neck, the both of you laying half naked on the hay bale.
‘Give me a warmer location and I consider it.’ You reacted heavily out of breath.

Your alarm sounded like a killer in your head. You groaned angry, turning your head in the bed and looking to Alex. That little morning temper you sometimes had vanished like snow before the sun. You did … you had sex with him in the stables and came here afterwards, making out … again and falling asleep on his bed. It never felt better, your career never got this kind of turn before.
‘Put it out Y/n.’ He murmured. You noticed you still didn’t turned of your alarm and whent looking for your mobile in the pile of clothes.
‘Come on, where are you.’ You whispered still half asleep. It took you a minute but you got it out, throwing yourself back aside him. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer, you murmered something and he chuckled about it. ‘Am I dreaming?’ You asked after laying still against his chest for a while. ‘If so it was a verry vivid dream.’ You continued. He stroke his fingers through you hair and you looked up to him.
‘Not dreaming.’ He promised you. You stayed still, looking to his calm face expressions.
‘What we did, I think,’
‘I like you Y/n, seriously.’ He announched. You opened your mouth to react on that but there wasn’t any protest left in your body.
‘Same.’ You only said with a soft smile. He pulled you closer, kissing you tender and you felt like the most happy girl in the world. ’I can never stay on your side, you know that right?’
‘Because you work with horses around the world and I’m an actor?’
‘Yes.’ You reacted a little unsure, resting your head slowly back on his chest.
‘Give it a change, I like you, even better, I want to be with you. Besiced, when you are on others sets I can come visit and meet those famous actors all around the world.’ He joked. You slapped him on his bare chest and he chuckled.
‘I’m worked on the set of Game of Thrones, maybe you will be lucky enough next year to visit me there.’
‘Did you fuck Jamie Lannister there to?’
‘No, Jon Snow.’ You answered neutral. His eyes grew a little bigger before he noticed that you were joking about it. You laughed, hiding your head against his body.
‘What I’m saying is that you are here for season five to so we have each others company for a long time.’ He went further, all serious again. You looked up to him, studying his face.
‘You really like me? A horsegirl?’ You asked a little in disbelief. There was nothing special about you, you where very good with horses, social a little less with persons but when they started to know you, you grew fast into a friendship.
‘You would be surpriced how amazing you are.’
‘Maybe.’ You murmured.
‘I know your weaknesses to.’ He began.
‘Oh really?’ You smiled. His smile grew a little darker, his eyes stronger and in just that couple of seconds it was like you looked at the fearless Ivar the Boneless. ‘You win.’ You reacted in a small voice.
 ‘Good, now let me kiss you.’ He demanded all viking alike, not giving you a choose …. Not that you where in protest about it to begin with.

Vikings Preference "How they react to you having twins"

(Woo Vikings preference :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d barge in through the midwives and quickly would want a look at who was crying so loudly. As he saw the two babies on your arms, it fascinated him to know how it was possible for him and you to have such miracles at once and instantly he would run over to get closer look at them, only to be smug and proud about himself.

Rollo-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d run over to your side instantly and wrap his arms around you. It worried him to know that you had pushed out two children and to see you all sweaty and out of breath only made it worst for him, he just needed to hold you for a moment. Afterwards, he’d get frantic and would need to see his children to check if they were fine as well.

Floki-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be fascinated and would take his time to inspect each of them. He’d look every and each details of them, only to look back at you with a big smile to show his excitement before running over to you and hand one of them to compare the other one, realizing how similar they look.

Athelstan-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d thank his faith and his prayers that nothing serious has happened to you and that he and you were blessed with such miracle. He’d smile holding and looking at them before getting closer to you. He’d end up praising you for all your efforts and give out a short little prayer to keep you and them safe from now on.

Bjorn-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d feel frantic and would approach to check if you are fine first and foremost. It worried him to know the number of child you had just had and all he could think was to get close and ask you if you were fine all while holding your hands. As you’d reassure him, he’d calm himself down and be glad to see such lovely children.

Ubbe-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be proud of himself and you for being able to make such lovely children. He’d pushed his way through the little crowd around your bed just to hold your hand before quickly picking them up. He’d be intrigued by each of them and would spend his time sitting next to you, making lovely remarks about them.

Hvitserk-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be shocked and quickly make his way to you and ask you about all of it, not letting you time to answer properly. When he’d finally see them, he’d be speechless and would hesitate to hold them, only to keep looking at you for affirmation. Quickly, he’d grow excited by their movements and wouldn’t be able to stop caring for them.

Sigurd-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be happy and would go over to you to ask you if you were fine, only to keep smiling at you. He’d quickly want to get a look at them and wouldn’t be able to stop finding them so beautiful as he holds them. He’d stay by your side the whole time and wouldn’t ever want to leave your and their sides for a long time.

Ivar-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be surprised and would quickly make his way over to have a look for himself. The instant he sees them both, he’d instantly smile and start to laugh out of pure happiness before crawling over to your bedside to hug you tightly. He’d end up looking you in the eyes and praise you for being so good. He’d then ask for them to be brought to him, only to keep grinning as he takes a good look at them.

Halfdan-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be worried about you more than anything and quickly hug you as he quietly asks you if you were fine. He’d make sure you felt better first and order people around to get you whatever you needed, only to be speechless the instant his children are brought to him. He’d look back at you and wouldn’t be too sure of what to say, only to tear up.

Harald-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d get quickly close to you and check your body to see if you were truly fine, in a panic. As he’d see you smile, he’d feel relieved and would only get happier when he sees his two children being brought to him. He’d take his time to look at each of them, only to end up praising you for giving him worthy heirs in such a short time, making you laugh.

Aethelwulf-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d stunned and quickly get a look at you to see it for his own eyes. He’d grow happier as you’d smile at him and would only want to hug and kiss you for giving him such gifts. As he’d be let to hold them, he’d take care of them with the uttermost gentleness that it would end up surprising you and making him smile as you’d notice.

King Ecbert-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be truly stunned and wouldn’t be too sure of what to do at first. He’d ask you if were fine as he’d approach and want to spend some time just with you as he tries to process the reality of having two young babies at his age. However, as you’d convince him to hold them, he’d quickly grow fond of them and wouldn’t want to be apart from them and you for a very long while.

Arne-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be happy but get bashful from all the praises and whistles he got from the other men. He’d shyly make his way towards you and hold you as he asks you how you are feeling, only to whisper in your ear about wanting to hold your children in his arms. As he’d hold them, he’d smile and wouldn’t be able to stop from praising them, making you happy and smile as well.

Torstein-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d start to celebrate out of happiness before even seeing you. As he’d reach you, he’d be so happy that he’d be nearly out of breath and just ask you to let him hold one of them. As he’d look at them, he’d smile and laugh over at you before playfully begging you to let him hold his other child as well, making you gladly do so.

Erlenlurd-The moment he hears that you are having twins, he’d be proud of you and himself and would show it by instantly grabbing your hand to kiss it before leaning to kiss your forehead as well. He’d ask for you to give him his children to get a good look, only to inspect them and be happy by how lovely they look.

see the whole board | ivar ragnarsson

anon requested ivar and ecberts youngest daughter and i accidently wrote 4k of slow burn ‘oh shit are we falling in love?’ that almost certainly will spawn a sequel sorry about that folks

anyway enjoy the sheer amount of chess imagery here?

You’d been stood at the end of the corridor, staring down to the door at the other end, for nearly an hour now probably. It never opened. The guards never moved, nor acknowledged you, and you them. You stood, arms crossed, staring.

You were curious. You’d been but a child the last time Ragnar had visited but you remembered him. Like a ghost he’d waded in and out of your childhood – whether through a physical presence or the stories your father told. Great warriors from the sea had made their way into your dreams, rising from the surf to visit you. And now your father had him in a cage.

He’d brought his son. A man now, about your age, so your father had said. And yet he was another ghost that had wandered in. Kept contained for now in the room at the end of the hall. With the unmoving guards who paid you no mind.

What did he look like? How did he speak? Was he like his father? Was he not? Was he terrifying?

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Heathen Army Modern AU Prompt - Part II

On popular demand I wrote a second part. I always knew the Heathen Army is full of romantics and softies that crave a happy ending. Well, I guess I’m one of them. So here is part two!

Part I -


You drove for the next few hours, not even knowing where you were going. In fact you didn’t care, it didn’t matter. There was no place you could hide from reality, hide from the fact that Ivar was probably either dead or imprisoned by now. You had cried for what felt like hours until you had no more tears left. The sun was already low in the sky when you realized that you had gone in a wide circle and were now on the road the led back to the cabin where you had left Ivar earlier today.

You weren’t sure if you really wanted to go back there but the uncertainty was worse than anything else. Your head produced scenarios that seemed to come straight from a horror movie, but still there was a tiny spark of hope somewhere deep inside you. Maybe he had somehow managed to escape. Or maybe they had taken him alive. But these were just fragile straws of hope and you had to know the truth. You tightened your grip around the wheel as you steeled yourself for whatever was to come.

The cabin was a couple of miles away from town. No one ever came here, that’s why it was so ideal for Ivar to use it to do business, but now the small road in front of it was crowded with cars and people. You could see ambulances and police cars, uniformed people and curious gapers. Your heart was beating up to your neck as you got out of the car and went to the police line. You pushed your way through the crowd and arrived at the front line just as two men carried a body bag out of the front door. You felt your stomach turn at the thought that it could be Ivar inside, but you forced yourself not to panic.

“What happened?” You asked an old man standing next to you.

“The cops wanted to arrest some gang boss. He and all six policemen were shot in a gunfight.”

You felt as if you were hit by a train as all hope was drained from your body and your eyes started to fill with tears. All you wanted was to curl up into a ball right there and never see or talk to anyone again. The man must have seen how shaken you were but he drew the wrong conclusions.

“I know it’s terrible. Those people are monsters. There’s already enough criminal activity in our town as it is already and now the boss of some biker gang comes over here and shoots six cops. Times are getting more and more dangerous.”

“A… biker gang?” You stuttered, not believing you had heard right.

The man nodded. “Someone let that slip. They mentioned a name but don’t remember it….”

He kept talking but you didn’t hear anymore. Your head was spinning. How was that possible? Where was Ivar? Was he okay?

You basically ran back to your car and raced into the town.

“Ivar?” You yelled as you entered his house.

No response.

You checked every room but the place was deserted. With a frustrated sigh you dropped on the couch trying to think straight. Where else could he be?

The creaking sound of the door startled you. You turned and almost didn’t believe your eyes. It was Ivar standing in the doorway, supported by his crutches. You had never felt anything like the incredible relieve that shot through you that moment. You rushed over to him and crashed into his chest, hard enough to make him almost loose his balance. He let go of one of the crushes and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you close as you stared to sob.

“Shhh, it’s all good. I’m here.” He stroked your hair in slow soothing movements until your sobs faded.

You sniffled and looked up to him, cupping his cheeks with your hands. “You are okay. How?” You still couldn’t fully believe it.

He smiled and gestured towards to couch. “I’ll tell you everything.”

But as the shock and relief slowly faded, you felt your anger starting to boil. The last few hours had been most anxious of your whole life. How could he make you go through this? And before you knew you had slapped him across the face, leaving an angry red mark.

“How dare you do this to me?” You hissed.

Ivar just nodded, tilting his head to one side. “I’m sorry.” It wasn’t something you heard him say a lot. To be honest you weren’t sure you ever had and you knew that your chances to stay mad at him were about zero.

After you had settled down on the couch you looked at him. “What happened?”

Ivar took a deep breath before he answered you. “As I said, I wasn’t going to let them arrest me and I couldn’t persuade them to leave so the shooting started…”

“You shot them?” You interrupted. “All six?”

He nodded and you knew you should have been shocked but all you felt was relief. He was alive. Everything else wasn’t important right now.

“But who’s that other dead guy? They said he was some gang boss.”

A crooked grin grew on his face. “Fortunately these cops weren’t the only ones planning to kill me today. This guy came maybe twenty minutes after them while I was still trying to figure out what to do with the bodies. He payed me a visit because some of the small business owners in his town that used to pay protection money to his crew are under our protection now and apparently he wasn’t too happy with that. Funny coincidence isn’t it?”

“I don’t think I can laugh about people trying to kill you.” You said gloomily.

He raised his chin in a pretentious gesture. “I am here, am I not?”

You wondered if he would ever stop thinking that he constantly had to prove himself. “But will they not come for you again?” You asked.

He shook his head. “Not for this one. I made it look as if they shot each other. Ubbe helped me to move the bodies and make it all look good. No one knows that I was there.”

“But they were found in a cabin that is owned by your family. Of course they will suspect you to have something to do with it.”

“They can suspect me all day long if they want, but they can’t prove shit.”

He seemed quite confident but you weren’t fully convinced yet. “And what about that other cop? The one they came because of in the first place. Hmm? Do you think they will just forget about that?”

He rolled his eyes. “Can’t you just stop asking questions and trust me, woman?” He grabbed your hips and tried to pull you into his lap but you stopped him.

“Please Ivar. I’m just worried that they will come and take you away from me.”

He sighed. “For now they are busy with the thing in the cabin and Floki is already working on that other problem. There might be someone in the police department who can be persuaded to let the evidence disappear.” He gave you a smug smile. “Now stop worrying and come here. I need some distraction from my near-death-experience.”