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What we know so far about the upcoming Gorillaz TV Show:
  • Gorillaz have a 10-episode television show in the works for 2018.
  • We don’t know where the show might be broadcast it but Jamie followed Adult Swim on instagram.
  • This is what Jamie has said:

“The series will be two-dimensional. They’ll be that way from now on. I think it’s a beautiful style of animation. Everybody does CG now, and it is great when you’re making backgrounds, like environments and landscapes, but not the actual characters. I’m still very much inspired by the work of Chuck Jones, and I love that animation. It’s art. I’d like to keep the characters in that style for the rest of this campaign. So the characters on the show will be 2D, but everything else is up for grabs.

It could be real footage with real people talking to the characters. We’ll have guest appearances in the series by various artists that appear on the album or whoever we happen to write into the series. Or it could be a mix of collage and photography and a bit of CG as well.

I’ll direct the first and the last one, but we’ll have to get someone in to direct the other episodes. I think even attempting to do it all by myself will kill me.“