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Robin sees the f. farmer interact with an actual junimo?

Robin arrived early, ready to start on the new stable. She brought everything she needed, ready to go, but she stopped when she saw the small little huts on the Farm.

She knew she didn’t build them, so she went and walked over to take a closer look. The Farmer was interacting with one of them, and small little creatures that seemed to follow her around.

Robin took a closer look at the creatures. She vaguely recognized them, as if they were something but a dream in the back of her mind. They looked like the spirits she heard about as a child, the ones that were given life by Yoba, and helped protect all that was lovely in the world. She remembered the tales of how they would help farmers grow crops, give bountiful harvests and leave the villages with enough food to eat for a year.

She smiled at the little creatures, and how one pulled at the pants leg of the Farmer. Robin leaned on some of the wood she brought. Somehow, she wasn’t surprised by the small spirits that filled her childhood fairytales. Somehow, it made sense to her that they helped the Farmer that helped the town become bountiful again. Robin smiled, and walked to where the stable would be.

Maybe one day she would be lucky enough to get help from one of the spirits.

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Have any MFarmer/Emily headcanons?

  • They met at the saloon.
  • He sat at the bar and talked with her until Gus kicked him out.
  • He lets her name all the chickens.
  • She goes to the Farm and helps him spin fabric out of the wool
  • They had a spring wedding.
  • He helped her design her dress for the wedding and the spring dance.

Stardew Moments #05 Unseen Actions of the Programmer

Sebastian sleeps at some pretty irregular hours as it is. Everything always seems a hundred times tougher though when he’s contributing to a household, both in chores and finances, just to have someone on his back on the time because he wasn’t SEEN doing anything.

Hi everyone sorry i took so long to make the instruments…Here’s some progress so far, since it was a old mod i made i wanted to edited it a bit. (i had to resize the “Double bass, Cello, Violin & Music sheet stand” since it was to big)

I don’t plan on making a lot of instruments…since i’m kinda lazy

Also eemie has already made a really nice Celesta in her Classy new interior mod so i decided not to included a piano with my Instruments set. (*´_ゝ`)