~ sarcasm

ID #76117

Name: Mia
Age: 16
Country: United States

I’m Mia. Sarcasm is my second name. (I live and breathe sarcasm😂) I live in Alaska (yes Alaska is part of the U.S.) I’m turning 16 in 3 days. I love photography. Netflix and I are currently in a love-hate relationship; I shamelessly love to binge watch.(Right now binging “Switched at Birth”), I’m a volleyball player and track athlete and I even do a little bit of lifting. I love almost any type of music. (No offense but I hate most country music.) My love for music goes from Twenty One Pilots to Kendrick Lamar to oldies. Really anything. I do play a few instruments for instance I play flute, piano, little bit of uke, and a little bit of drums. I’m looking for a pen pal because I love learning about other people. I think it’s a fun way to have friends around the country, states, and world. And it’s always fun telling people “the real truth” about Alaska. (Some of the stories that I’ve heard about “stereotypical Alaskans” are hilarious)

Preferences: 15-16 girls
Girls who 1. understand sarcasm & 2. Don’t get offended easily (because I’m so sarcastic)
Contact through social media/email

ID #22326

Name: Daniela
Age: 22
Country: Perú

Hi you all, I study Advertising Communications in college, my mother tongue is spanish and I would love to find lovely people to talk to as often as possible.

I love writing, reading, listening music, binge watching series, my new hobbie is learning about advertisement and I’m pretty curious so I really enjoy learning things and knowing about new people and places. Snail mail can be kinda expensive so I do prefer to talk over email and, even better, whatsapp since I think it´s more personal and I want to find people I can truly be myself with.

Some info about myself:
-I’m a redhead and here in Perú that’s not usual at all so I always end up talking to people that know me but I can’t remember.
-People ALWAYS tell me I look exactly like Mérida from brave, like even random people walking on the street.
-I like thinking about the world, existience, just thinking about it all
-I love animals with my whole being, I have a cat named Lilo
-I’m the middle child, still now sure how I feel about it
-I love sarcasm and Irony A LOT
-I would love to talk without covers with someone, like truly say the kind of things people never say even when they are feeling it.

Preferences: People over 16 years old, any culture, sexuality, orientation, gender, etc, I just don’t want racist (in any way) people, I firmly believe all humans should be equal. People that are okay talking in whatsapp :)