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Back from my trip to Rome! I felt very angelic almost the entire time in the Basilica. (The sense of scale in Saint Peter’s is amazing, the black letters are 6’ tall and the pictures just can’t capture that.)

My queue runs for another week, but I’ll be mixing in pictures of various churches and the Mediterranean.

🌊Hope all have been well! 🌊

anonymous asked:

Can you pls recommend me places to go/eat and things to do in Rome? I'm going there this summer and I'm so excited :)

I’d recommend visiting Villa Borghese, il Colosseo, i Fori Imperiali, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Popolo, il Pincio, il Vaticano, Galleria Borghese and il Ghetto Ebreo. I highly recommend also visiting Trastevere both during the day and night (it looks like a completely different place haha) and you can also find plenty of cool places where to eat there. Talking about the nightlife, Ponte Milvio is probably the best place since it’s full of restaurants and cocktail bars (plus if you don’t know it’s the bridge of the lovers who used to lock their padlocks there, however they removed almost all of them but it’s still a pretty romantic place). I also suggest visiting the Tevere Expo (which is an exhibition of various ristorants/artist on the shores of the Tiber). Coming to the food, you ABSOLUTELY must buy a Tiramisù at Pompi and eat a “panino con la porchetta” and grab some pizza not in a restaurant but along the streets in small shops along with a supplì.
I hope I helped and have a safe journey xx :)