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Shit Slytherins Say: #123
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Merlin deleted scenes otherwise known as:

“Julian, it’s just too gay, we’ve got to cut it, I’m sorry.”

I have been enamored with @lao-paperman‘s comics and I decided to treat them with a fic.

I hope you all like this.


Merlin wakes to the sun rising over the walls of the castle, just like he does every day.  Sliding out of bed, he tries his hardest not to wake Arthur. Aithusa wakes up on Merlin’s way to the door and yawns. Merlin smiles and watches the baby dragon stretch and curl back up next to Arthur’s head.

Merlin dresses quickly, sneaks out of the room and heads down to the kitchen, closing the door very quietly on his way. After all it was still a secret their relationship. Luckily for him there was no one awake at this time apart from him and the servants and the servants know to keep their mouths shut or face the wrath from Arthur.

On his way down to the kitchen he smiles at the servants he passes. A soft sweet smile that is returned by all of them. They all know that Merlin is the go to guy if you need help so they like to stay on his good side. He knew he was getting closer to the kitchens as the wonderful smell of food was wafting down the hallway. Turning one more corner he made it.

The sound of bustling kitchen staff was the first thing he heard when he went to open the door. Then the next thing that hit was the heat. It was always really warm in the kitchens but nothing could ever really prepare Merlin for this.

“Here for the prince’s breakfast?” A large woman smiled holding up a tray with a plate of sausages and bacon with a side a bread.

Merlin took the tray.

“You know me so well Etta. You always seem to know when I am coming down. Like a sixth sense or something.”

“Or you are always here at 6:15am on the dot.”

“Well that too. Thanks Etta this looks delicious.”

“Mind you don’t get caught picking at his breakfast again.”

Merlin laughed. “I will be careful.” He sent her a wink and then left.

More people were awake now, Merlin greeted them as he passed.

Finally after talking Gwaine out of eating Arthur’s bacon, he was back.

He opened the door with a flash of his golden eyes and shut it behind him.

“Arthur, wake up I have your breakfast ready and you will want to get up before Aithusa gets at your sausages.” Merlin sets the tray down on the table and walks up to the left side of the bed. Maybe a softer approach was better “Good morning Arthur.” He groans and rolls onto his stomach. “Come on sire I was serious about Aithusa, the little bugger is eying your food.” Merlin touches Arthur’s arm. He was hotter than normal. “Are you okay?” He touches his forehead. Arthur was really hot. This was not good. “Wait here I will go get Gaius.”

“Where else am I going to go.” Arthur mumbled into his pillow.

“Arse.” Merlin ran out the room.


Gaius was walking too slow for Merlin’s liking. He was getting close to throwing him over his shoulder and running back to Arthur but that would bring attention to them. Finally they made it to the prince’s chambers.

Gaius knew about Aithusa so wasn’t bothered when he walked in seeing the baby dragon battling with a sausage.

“Merlin tells me you are not well Arthur.”

“Merlin says a lot of things, it depends on what you really pay attention to.”

“Actually, Gaius I think his majesty is perfectly fine. You don’t need to be here.” Merlin smirks at Arthur who gives him the finger.

“Honestly I don’t know what you see in each other when you fight so much.” Gaius helps sit Arthur up so he can properly check him over.

“He means it in a nice way.” Arthur winks at Merlin who blushes slightly.

“So, Gaius will he live or do I have to put him down.”

“He breathing is rattling of what I heard but bed rest is needed. He needs to stay warm and Merlin do look after him.”

“I can do that.”

Gaius looks at the dragon then back to Merlin.

“Also make sure a certain someone behaves.”

Merlin salutes as Gaius leaves. He turns back to Arthur.

“I’m going to get you a tunic. Can’t have you shirtless when you need to be staying warm.”

“Poor you not getting chance to see my rippling muscles.”

Merlin laughs.

“Oh yes poor me. However will I cope.” He throws the shirt at Arthur’s head, who sticks his tongue out at Merlin and puts it on.

“Do you really think just a tunic will keep me warm?”

“Urm. You can have my neck scarf.” Merlin unties said item and brings it over to Arthur. Who is now laid back down. He wraps it around his neck and checks his temperature with the back of his hand. “Hmmm you are still really hot but Gaius wants you to be warm. I think a cold cloth with help balance you out temperature wise.”

“Whatever you say nurse Merlin.”

“That is doctor Merlin to you.” He walks away from Arthur to find a cloth. He finds one and dips it in the water jug, rigs it out and walks back to the bedside. “Hold still.” Merlin places the damp cloth on his forehead and steps back.

“Merlin I’m sick.”

“I know you are sire.”

“No. I mean I need you. Cuddle with me?”

“I wouldn’t have taken you for a cuddler.”

“Shut up and cuddle me.”

“Yes sire.”

Merlin walks around to the right side of the bed, his side, and climbs up on top of the covers and snuggled close. Aithusa seeing this and thinking it is bed time flies over and curls up in the juncture between Arthur’s shoulder and neck. Arthur settles down for a nap with his two favourite boys.

Arthur doesn’t know how long he has been asleep for before a knock sounded on his chambers door.

“Arthur? My boy.” It was Uther. “Umm, Gaius informed me you’re not feeling well. He said get some rest. Well I hope you feel better soon. He also said you should keep yourself warm.”

“He is sire!” Merlin, still with his eyes closed, says.

“Ah Merlin, That is good to hear. Take good care of him.”

“I will.” Merlin replies still half in sleep.

“Actually I am feeling much better now.” Arthur thought to himself but with a sleepy dragon and boyfriend he didn’t have the heart to say anything.

Sometimes sick days can be the best days of your life. Especially when you have someone who loves you.


I hope this is what you wanted. 

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“So if I put the jumper on,” Arthur said hesitantly after a moment, a smile growing on his face, “you’d have to be nice to me?”

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♪ Take me back, take me back to the beginning to the days of adventure and love~ take me back, and let me pause at intermission for the nights of your stories and lore; and fireflies on the roof ♪

I started writing some lines for the Trollhunters musical and?? i had come up with these lyrics about two years ago and it kinda matched?? sorta?? the song fireflies on the roof is meant to be like reminiscent of times past that the character wishes would return it seemed like it would make a sweet interlude for the musical and I love doing this chalky style which i think is trademark of the musical now haha

a1P1130234 by archaeologist_d

yogabba-anna  asked:

ok for that ask, i reckon Leon and Merlin are such soft bros, what do you think??

- They’re friends long before they ever get around to calling themselves friends, tbh. Leon at least is very conscious of rank and status, even if it’s not paramount to him. He’s a nobleman from a good family, but he’s been friends with servants since he was a child (he will always count Elyan and Gwen as some of the best and closest friends he’s ever had), so Merlin being a servant isn’t any deterrent. It just takes a few years for the two of them to spend enough time together to really bond, and longer still to look back and realize it.

- They bitch about Arthur’s training together all the time. Leon loves Arthur dearly and has all the respect in the world for him and he doesn’t want anyone thinking otherwise, so he never wants to speak ill of him where the other men can hear and/or misinterpret, but he doesn’t have that concern with Merlin. He knows Merlin thinks more highly of Arthur than anyone in the kingdom probably, and yet Merlin spends 23 hours of out his day complaining about the man. Leon feels perfectly safe to speak his mind with Merlin, and Merlin’s lack of concern about propriety and watching his tongue means he’s perfectly happy to commiserate (read: whine) with him.

- Ever since the debacle with the poisoned chalice, Leon has honestly thought of Merlin as Arthur’s first line of defense. Before that, for all his love of Gwen and Elyan, he had never considered the possibility that a servant could be as brave and loyal to the crown as a knight of the realm. But seeing Merlin’s courage and devotion to Arthur was humbling, and Leon measures his own devotion by the yardstick Merlin gave him. He always feels better knowing that Arthur has Merlin by his side, knowing that Merlin will do anything in his power to keep Arthur safe. Merlin has his utmost respect for that and always will.

- Leon helps Merlin with his chores sometimes, especially things like polishing armor or sharpening swords. All squires learn to do such things and Leon was no exception when he was young and just working toward his knighthood. When Leon finds Merlin in the armory after training, he’ll often sit with him and set about quickening the task, the two of them chatting idly or just sitting together quietly as they work. Merlin never says so out loud, but he’s touched and warmed through by this. No other noble-born knight has ever gone out of their way to help him or show that he and his work aren’t beneath them.

- Leon figures out Merlin’s magic years before it becomes public knowledge, and years before Merlin learns he knew of it. It’s not any one big thing that convinces him, he doesn’t catch Merlin in the act or overhear anything he shouldn’t. It just adds up. It makes the most sense out of all the possibilities. And he’s wary at first, of course he is, but then he remembers Merlin and that chalice, all the times Merlin has ridden out to lay down his life beside his lord’s, and he can’t fear Merlin. He can’t even distrust him, not after so many shared battles and so many quiet evenings with polishing rags in hand, chortling about the silly insults Merlin and Arthur sling at each other with smiles on their faces. He realizes then that he trusts Merlin more than he fears magic, and more even than he strives to uphold the laws of Camelot. And that is the moment Leon truly and fully realizes that Merlin is his friend.


anonymous asked:

“There’s a leaf in your hair.” For Merlin/Arthur please please?

I’m sorry, I really tried to think of my own idea, but all I could think about was LeafHead!Merlin by Eviko. Like, how could I possibly look at this prompt and write anything else? I hope @eviko doesn’t mind that I used her AU? I just ADORE LeafHead!Merlin and all her headcanons. Petal Panic is still HILARIOUS to me because of Arthur’s anxiety faces (like same babe, same.)

A little domestic Merthur for you, anon!


“You have a leaf in your hair.” Arthur said. “Again.”

Merlin was face first in a large biology textbook, studying for his upcoming Pharmacognosy exam. “I was working in the nursey at the botanical gardens today.” He didn’t bother to get the leaf out of his hair.

“That explains why there’s another baby plant in our flat.” Arthur said, looking at the small plant sitting on the kitchen counter.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Merlin looked up from highlighting his book with big blue, pleading eyes. “It needed a home, Arthur. It was lonely.”

Arthur sighed. “What does that make that? Ten?” Arthur scanned the little flat where Merlin insisted on cramming as many house plants as he could. “A good even number.”

“Until the next one.” Merlin hummed, going back to his textbook.

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