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Y’all know that moment when an OTP totally catches you by surprise?

Like it’s just two characters you’d never think would ever get it on and they just have this scene and something clicks, character a looks at character b differently and you’re just like “wait- hold on… wait wa-WAIT! WAIT!!“ and it just dawns on you that you’re shipping it and you can just feel yourself slowly turn into trash. All you know now is your life is going to be ruined by these two but you’ll love it anyway…

any of you feel that?


PORN TO MAKE HISTORY 2: QUAD SQUAD is finally available! 
74 pages of 18+ Yuri!!! On Ice goodness, with sexyfunny comics and illustrations by Bigbigtruck, Kori Michele, atelierMUSE, and koukounut. 

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hi! I don't expect you to answer this but I remade my tumblr and I am having trouble finding people to follow :( do you know of any amazing armys on here who I should follow? thank you!! I hope you have a great day

Hi there ^^ ofc i know! all the blogs i follow are beyond amazing!

These are my lovely mutuals!!! aka A++++++ blogs

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other blogs i admire from afar! ❤️

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no offence but i’m not going to apologize abt being gay OR about being angry about tumblr’s censor feature since the problem is directly linked to gay and lesbian being filtered as NSFW. this is not a coding problem. this is a homophobia problem because more and more websites including youtube are treating lgbt content as “not safe for work” because for some reason these companies believe that it’s “unsafe” for children to be exposed to same gender attraction. my sexuality is NOT sensitive content for minors because I AM the minor you are worried about

just a little practice video i’ve been working on to get myself better acquainted with my new editor! it’s pretty random, so, i’m not sure if i’ll ever finish it properly, though


the lack of enthusiasm from everyone when hoseok said he was going to beatbox, his awkward high pitched laugh, his struggles with a microphone.. perfect