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I love how in the movie Heathers when Heather Chandler falls and breaks the glass table and on one side is a fashion magazine and on the other an informative magazine about depression and the bell jar. I live how this movie as almost purely symbolic and how that scene splits the teenagers life from surface to the deeper feelings.

Also my sister just came up with a theory about the movie. She thinks that everything revolves around the beginning lunchtime poll question. Like how if your life suddenly became great but you only had two days to enjoy it. She thinks that JD is the aliens (like with his creepy greetings and salutations is like an alien greeting or whatever) and after freeing Veronica from Heather Chandler only gives her a few days before he’s going to blow up her world.


Please send me a message and if that isn’t possible, send an ask OFF ANON, don’t reply to this post.

Please don’t ask for anything that isn’t on this list, I don’t have a secret stash of rare bootlegs I’m not showing you, if it’s not on the list I don’t have it.

Trading is great but if you have nothing I’m definitely willing to gift whatever you like and if you’re trading check the bottom of this list to see what I’m looking for :)

If I don’t reply within 24 hours please resend the message.

If you want more info on casts or whatever, just ask and I’ll try my best :)

Anyway, I’ve got:

21 Chump Street


American Psycho

Anastasia (not Broadway)

Avenue Q

Bare: A Pop Opera
-New York
-Off Broadway (Audio)
-The Musical
-The Musical Off Broadway

Be More Chill
-UNCG workshop (Upgrade-Michael in the bathroom,NOT OC!)
-The Play (not the musical)

Book Of Mormon
-Chicago (w/Ben Platt)
-US tour


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Chess (Broadway)

Cinderella (broadway with Carly Rae Jepsen)

Come From Away

Dear Evan Hansen
-Colton Audio
-Off Broadway Audio (2016)


Finding Neverland
-Alfie Boe
-Cambridge (Jeremy Jordan)


Fun Home

Groundhog Day

-Aaron Tveit
-Andrew Rannells

-Late 2016 (Audio)
-Andrew Rannells (not full)
-Hamilton’s America Documentary
-San Fran (audio)
-June 2016
-Lexi Lawson
-Chris’s last (audio)

-OOBC (Act 1)
-Concert Reading (Jeremy Jordan)
-LA Audio
-Illegal Heathers
-UK Audio
-Barrett’s Last Audio

Hedwig And The Angry Inch
-Neil Patrick Harris
-Andrew Rannells

In The Heights
-Random production from 2014

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story (6 songs)

Legally Blonde

Les Mis
-Hollywood Bowl
- 25 Anniversary


Natasha Pierre And The Great Comet Of 1812

-Cory Cott
-Live (2017)
-Mike Faist as Jack (audio)

Next To Normal
-Las Performance Of Alice Ripley

Phantom Of The Opera


-OBC (opening night)
-Hollywood Bowl (Aaron Tveit)

School Of Rock

Something Rotten

Spring Awakening
-Deaf West
-Original Tour Cast

The Addams Family

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime

The Lightning Thief

[Title Of Show]

Tuck Everlasting

-Sara Bareilles

-US Tour Cast (missing final 3 songs of act 1)
-2nd National Tour (Ginna Claire Mason & Marcie Dodd)
-Last performance of Kristin
-Aaron Tveit
-Donna Vivino
-West End W/ Idina
-Kara Lindsay
-Andy audio
-Alyssa Fox
-1st National Tour
-Broadway 26/05/13 (Willemijn Verkaik)
-Broadway 20/07/13 (Lindsay Mendez)
-Mexico 18/01/15 (Ana & Majo Last)
-Brazil 03/03/16 (Myra Ruiz & Fabi Bang)
-1st National Tour 08/07/07 (Marcie Dodd & DeeDee as Nessa)
-Stephanie J Block & Kendra Kassebaum

So just ask and I’ll give you links to whatever because I know musicals aren’t always accessible to everyone.

I’m looking for:
Newsies With Mike Faist as Jack (video if one exists)

Dear Evan Hansen with Colton Ryan (video if one exists)

Heathers UK (video if one exists)

Heathers Australia

Heathers 101 (audio or video)

Be More Chill (I don’t think a video boot exist but it’d be nice)

Kinky Boots with Brendon Urie when one exists

If a full boot of Hamilton with Andrew exists that would be cool

Anything with Colton Ryan

Next To Normal with DeeDee Magno Hall

Wicked with DeeDee Magno Hall (San Fran)

The Black Suits By Joe Iconis (Audio, Video or just any songs)

DEH Arena Stage (Audio, Video or any songs)

Anything by Joe Iconis really

Someone who can tell me cast info on anything, especially Wicked

But I’ll take basically anything not on this list, I’m super appreciative of anything Heathers or DEH related though :)

List updated every day here: https://ghostheathers.tumblr.com/Bootlegs

This is what lunch breaks are for lol 

Veronica - Aka Sailor Nyx 

((Winona Ryder is a Scorpio - Scorpio’s planet is mars/pluto, one of plutos moons is Nix. Nyx is the goddess/personification of night. that’s my train of thought lmfao)) 

@himiwazawaiscursed  it wont let me tag you for some reason but here you go lol!