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Arms of Voltron being happy is all i need, i really like what Katie was wearing before, and i kinda wish she will grow her hair back ~

Also, holly quiznak! This blog reached over 300 followers! Guys, i’m so happy, this is such a big number, i’m glad that so many of you are here and supporting my blog! I’d never thought it will recive so much attention! Everytime i see this number growing, i’m speachless but it makes me want to draw even more. I like sharing my drawings and love for VLD with you!

You are amazing and as always i hope you have a great day! 

With the new screenshot going around with Matt without glasses I can finally say without doubts that Pidge’s eyes don’t hurt even wearing his brother’s prescribed glasses is because they’re fake. Matt was the real nerd aesthetic hoe from the very beginning. How could we’ve been so fucking blind-

Normal people add honey to their tea.
I’m not normal, so I add tea to my honey.
I like those hints of bitterness to something that’s overwhelmingly sweet-

Probably because it’s a reminder of you.
—  Nicole Torres // excerpt of EM

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As for William, I do think it was cruel to give him away but on the other hand I wonder if there would be moaning for showing too much or too little. Have you ever watched Homeland? Apart from whether you like or not (not really a fan, I just happen to watch season 1 and rest followed), the character had a little girl and I have read comments about wasting time with the kid and why she had to keep it. Not to mention season 2 got obsessed with the two main characters and the viewers got annoyed.

Give me every. single. second of screen time with the product of Mulder and Scully’s love. Give me a million minutes with the space-obsessed, extraordinary-abilitied, 50/50 split of his parents William who’s always wondered about his origins but never knew what they were. Tell me all about his life, let me get to know him, who has he become?


Some thoughts on Lucky Charm + Ladynoir

So I’ve been rewatching the show because, ya know, hiatus, and I noticed something about Ladybug’s Lucky Charm. While most of the time she uses it to stop the villain in order to grab and destroy the item the akuma is in, that’s not its sole purpose. On at least two occasions (so far, there may be more in later episodes, I can’t remember) Ladybug has used Lucky Charm and the item is something she needs at that time. 

In The Bubbler, she uses it when she sees Adrien and Chloe slow dancing together and she wants to separate them as quickly as possible. The Lucky Charm becomes a CD which she throws onto Nino’s turntable to change the song to an upbeat one and stop Adrien and Chloe from dancing. Has nothing to do with stopping the akuma.

In Lady Wifi, she uses Lucky Charm to break Chat out of the freezer that Lady Wifi trapped him in. She could have easily just focused on stopping Lady Wifi first, and then Chat would be able to get out of the freezer once everything went back to normal after Ladybug yells “Miraculous Ladybug.” But instead her instinct was to get Chat out immediately, even at the risk of not being able to stop Lady Wifi in time/de-transforming in front of Chat. 

And Adrien knows this

Once he gets out, this is the first thing that happens:

He is touched that Ladybug chose to rescue him over stopping Lady Wifi.

Idk, I think it’ll be interesting to see if stuff like that happens in season 2, with Ladybug using her Lucky Charm for reasons other than capturing the akuma and I just have a lot of feels seeing how much she genuinely cares for Chat Noir, even if not in a romantic way…yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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an idea: y’all know how josh keaton sang for young hercules in the disney adaptation of hercules, yeah? so like, the man has that Sweet Disney Voice and so i started thinking about shiro finding and having to take care of a baby alien or something (as one does), and what if shiro is like. a huge disney fan? and so he sings disney songs to the baby alien to get them to calm down and stop crying. 

what i’m getting at here is: please imagine shiro softly singing “you’ll be in my heart” from tarzan to a little alien baby that he has cradled in his arms

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hi i just want to say that i genuinely, from the bottom of my heart care about u, love u, and think about how you're doing from time to time in my day :3c how r u friend. r u good. I hope u r well. I hope youre not getting swamped with anons and outside pressure from Real Adult Life either. 🙃❤️ annie the astronaut is a shooting star skyrocketing to even more simblr fame nowadays and i am the happy stargazer looking thru a telescope at her. look at her go :') there she go!

Oh my goodness ;__; this is so sweet of you, I care about you and love you too!!! You’re a gem and I wouldn’t trade you for the world. You must be my fairy godmother or smthin, always makin’ me feel loved n cared for wAAH. I’m doin’ a-okay, I hope you’re doing superb and pfBBTtt I can say the same about you!! I love watchin’ you grow ;___; <33