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Some miscellaneous observations and Good Canon Facts about the FBI Family:

  • JJ was the first to refer to the team as a family, Garcia and Rossi are the two that use family words the most
  • Reid is a similar age to Steven (Gideon’s estranged son) and Sean (Hotch’s estranged kid brother), and if Rossi’s son had lived he’d have been about that age too. It’s obvious from their relationships with Reid that Gideon, Hotch and Rossi are all aware of this fact.
  • Rossi considers himself “more married to this team than [he] was to three ex-wives”
  • Morgan once jokingly referred to Hotch and Rossi as “mom and dad”
  • Hotch and Emily look like they could easily be siblings
  • Reid doesn’t look much like Hotch, but he could very easily be mistaken for a relative of Jack’s (eg. a cousin or much older brother)
  • JJ and Reid could probably pass for siblings too, although that’s more in terms of behaviour than looks
  • Jack calls Rossi ‘Uncle Dave’
  • JJ’s kids call Reid (who is also their godfather) ‘Uncle Spencer’
  • Garcia likes to specify that she is Henry and Michael’s fairy godmother, thank you very much
  • Blake once said that she likes to think that if her son Ethan had lived, he’d have been a lot like Reid
  • Blake’s dad (who had only just met them that week) invited the whole team around for a barbecue, saying that they couldn’t have a party without “the whole family”
  • Shortly after Morgan’s son was born, Rossi delightedly declared that it was time for him to meet his Uncle Dave
  • Morgan names his son Hank Spencer Morgan, after his dad and “the best little brother anybody could ever ask for”
  • Garcia refers to the team going out for a meal together as “family dinner”

one of my favorite things in the world: having a scene build itself in my head because of a song i’m listening to

  • Readers: How is there only one chapter left of BTU?! No way, there has to be more! You can't possibly wrap up everything else in one chapter!!!
  • Me: You underestimate my power.

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☕️ Flint is bisexual

send me a ☕️ and an opinion (popular or unpopular) and i’ll say whether i agree or disagree (accepting)

Haha. oh boy.
I mean he could be…but I really don’t think so. the only bi mains on the show is Eleanor, I believe and John maybe.
What I strongly disagree with is that he was in love with Miranda. He loved her for sure. He loved her a lot. But…can’t this be a platonic thing? WHY ALL LOVES HAVE TO BE ROMANTIC? that always bothered me with lots of shows.
I don’t think Flint was in love with anyone but Thomas really. He was close to being in love with Silver, maybe, but that’s another topic.

If we use the sex in s1 as an example, I would argue that it isn’t a coincidence that it seems so…passionless, in contrast with all the other sex scenes on the show. Take Max&Eleanor for example. I am not sure we see them having sex, but they make out for sure. You can see the passion and attraction. Let alone Max/Anne/(Jack), Vane/Eleanor. Flint is just….not into it, during that scene and you can see it. You could say that it’s cause he is upset, but we never see them acting like a couple, to assume that all that grumpiness was an one time thing. I just don’t think it’s a coincidence they choose to show us their sex scene like that. 

As for the first time they had sex (which I also think was the only time too), Flint does seem into it yes. But that doesn’t make him necessarily attracted to women. I believe that James had mostly experiences with women pre Thomas, so it was something he was used to. And he was intrigued by the fact that they weren’t supposed to be doing that.

I just…don’t see them as a couple at all. Ever. Even in London.Which really is not my opinion on the ‘bi’ side so much, but I am talking about this cause a lot of people that think he is bisexual, cause he was in love with Miranda.

Wow the new chaps are going to release this week and The Crown and The Flame’s not gonna be one of them (unless it’s getting a spin-off which I am 100% down for) which… is an odd feeling

I don’t really take pictures of myself and post it on Tumblr but i’ll make an exception today since i went to the Yuri on Ice Museum earlier and i’m really happy that I was able to take a picture with my bear prince Otabek. Will upload some of the pictures of the goods sold at the museum later. ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Imagine the underlying heartbreak in PP3

if Beca misses the opportunity at the beginning of the movie to tell Chloe that she and Jesse actually broke up a year earlier. So Chloe presumes Beca is still in that long-term relationship she’s always been in. And doesn’t feel guilty in the slightest when she happily gives Chicago her number. Even though she does kinda, sorta (absolutely, a million percent, still) have feelings for Beca deep down (those same feelings she had for her in college). And so that’s the reason why Beca privately pines for Chloe, while kicking herself for not having answered Chloe quicker when she’d asked how Jesse was. Before Fat Amy had interrupted them when she approached The Bella’s with a tray of shots.

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coffee, tea or cocoa: (milk) tea!! (jk i also enjoy hot and iced green tea)

average sleep hours: 6-8!

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favourite fictional characters: i was gonna skip this but i’ll just do one from each of my fave anime LOL: hinata (hq), kurapika, todododododododoroki, shin ah, and sonic (from opm, NOT THE HEDGEHOG)!!!

number of blankets you sleep with: a thin one in the summ summ, and a thick one in the winter!

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