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I said no to Marion Guthrie’s plan despite having no alternative and at the risk of losing the entire endeavor because I refuse to situate a man in a position where he might interfere one day with my ability to repair things with you.


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Now I wonder maybe Jack took me from something I was supposed to figure my own way out of. Maybe he took away the chance to get strong enough to save myself. To grow up. Instead, I went with him, did what he did, did what the others did. Thought I’d become one of them. If I’m not what I was when I was born, and I ain’t what I’ve become instead, what the fuck am I?

FlintHamiltons were based on real people?!

So here I am touring the HMS Victory when I come across a painting of a Lady Hamilton in Lord Nelson’s cabin. 

Turns out she was the mistress of Lord Nelson (that naval genius like a certain Captain Flint?). 

At the time, Lady Hamilton was the second wife of Lord William Hamilton, an MP and ambassador to Naples. (Hmm). And Hamilton loved antiquities and paintings (perhaps like a certain Thomas Hamilton whose house is adorned with those?) and studied volcanoes.

Lord Hamilton’s first wife was Catherine Barlow (huh! the names just keep coming). Hamilton and Barlow shared a love of music and they had a happy marriage until her death. 

Towards the end, Lord Nelson, Lord Hamilton and Lady Hamilton all lived together in the house that Nelson had bought in Wimbledon.

*I don’t know what I meant to do with this information. just wanted to put it out there*


Governor? What governor?