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in the one where maya commits to being the assistant manager of wright&co instead of spirit channeling (probably the defense attorney maya au eventually) she’s busting her ass off getting a GED and trying to make it through college and support pearl on both her and phoenixs incomes so like. phoenix decides he should maybe start taking more civil cases and also bringing in a more steady income, etc.

the point of that is he and maya end up getting one of those Law Billboards with a massive blow up of phoenixs face on it and neither of them tell edgeworth so when he notices it driving home on the freeway post aai he almost crashes


this isn’t a problem about being right or wrong, this is a problem about exclusionists posting non-p0sitivity (and (:sarcastic p0sitivity:) ) in the ace p0sitivity tags, where many aces who aren’t even involved in the discourse (including those who can be triggered by this sort of thing) have to see it which is very ://///// considering y'all said this was only about “cishet” aces

jadenovak  asked:

I just wanted to share - I started identifying as asexual about 5 months ago, and in the past 24 hours my husband has made not only his first ace joke to me, but 2 ace jokes. One was pointing to an ace playing card and saying "oh hey it's you" and the other was a flyer left at our house for a company literally called Ace and he said "look its your people", it made me happy =)

That’s so sweet of him:)