She’s your wife, she’s the mother of your kids, she’s your cook, she’s your housekeeper, SHE’S TIRED!

This Valentine’s Day, treat her to a $36 In-Home Spa Night. It’s the least you can do for her.

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Valentine’s day is this weekend! There’s still time to have a heart or flower someone with love! (Order by tomorrow to guarantee a v-day delivery)



Shoppin’ ain’t easy.  We get it.  Especially when you are trying to get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life.

Men aren’t much for being on the receiving end of roses.  They aren’t much for boxes of chocolates (more accurately, they will never admit to wanting a heart-shaped box of chocolates … but they also never admit to snarfing more than half of the chocolates they just gave you, blaming it on the dog instead).  And most men will struggle to express much enthusiasm for a gift of scented candles … unless those candles smell like bacon.

But no matter how hard they try to hide ’em, men have feelings too, and killer Valentine’s Day gifts are no less important than Christmas, birthday or St. Patrick’s Day presents.  Which means you have an important task on your hands.

Our team at Criquet Shirts – the modern classic menswear brand based in Austin, TX – is here to help. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide makes it easy to get your man the perfect gift, so you can go back to searching for what you want your man to get you … assuming he picks up on those oh-so-subtle hints you drop him.

Men love bacon (including your vegetarian author, who satisfies his cravings with delectable veggie bacon options). We love bacon even more than women love websites about kittens.

But men hate bacon collar on their shirts, almost as much as the women in their lives hate looking at it. That’s why Criquet’s founders Billy and Hobson set out to reimagine the polo shirt.

Available in short and long sleeve options, Criquet’s popular Players Shirt ($49-$75 short sleeve, $75-$95 long sleeve, plus a special 20% off with promo code “VDAY20”) features removable stays to accent a modestly flared collar. Criquet’s stye “caddies” are especially fond of the idea of presenting your man with the Better Off Red short sleeve just before he gets himself ready for your special Valentine’s Day brunch.

If you are spending the weekend under a warm sun, check out the premium flip flop options from Hari Mari – the company donates $3 of every flip flop sold to organizations supporting children fighting cancer. Our favorites are the men’s Fields sandals ($80), which feature nubuck leather and memory foam that grips the toes to reduce slipping. If you’re into more of a classic look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Seavees, and the Hermosa Plimsoll Standard ($78) is especially sharp in white. You’ll feel just as at-home on the deck of a 30 ft. sloop as you would on the dance floor. Complete his look with a pair of Jack Donnelly khakis, such as the Dalton pant ($105), which blends a tailored slim fit with a relaxed feel, and a unique Tucker Blair needlepoint belt ($135).

Oh, and if he’s in the market for a comfortable-yet-stylish solution to keeping the sun out of your eyes, try the Envy HD ($30) handcrafted bamboo shades from UNRL. His corneas will be eternally grateful.

For colder weather wear, we speak highly enough of Howler BrothersMerlin Vest ($135); lightweight and easy to pack, the vest is water resistant and insulated with Primaloft One. For a more greaser look, check out the tailor-fitted Montgomery leather motorcycle jacket ($560) from Satchel and Page, another great brand that calls Austin home. Whichever direction you go, J.Crew’s cashmere scarf ($79-$88) is an excellent (and cozy) accent, as are Eastland’s lightweight but rugged Lumber-Up Moc Toe Boots ($90). If you want to fulfill his (or your) cowboy fantasies, you can’t go wrong with a pair of authentic cowboy boots from the likes of Texas Custom Boots, Cavender’s or Allen’s Boots. In our personal experience, well-made calf skin or deer skin boots are reasonably priced ($100-200), extremely comfortable and highly-durable.

It is Valentine’s Day, after all, so an attractive but comfortable loungewear set is always a good bet. Menswear retailer Stag Provisions sells the uber-comfy Grayers Loop Back sweatpants ($70), which pairs well with the Grayers Ryan Terry Shawl Cardigan ($145) worn over a t-shirt.

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Don’t tell us that you’ve forgotten about the accessories!

Nothing completes your look quite like a quality wristwatch. Resident purveyors of cool, San Francisco-based hybrid retailer and style journal Huckberry has you covered with this timeless Seiko dive watch ($315 - and hey, if it’s good enough for Robert Redford and Mick Jagger, you can bet that it’s good enough for you).

If that’s not quite your style, Huckberry also is the exclusive provider of Standard Issue Instruments timepieces ($250). Understated and minimalist in design, this watch is highly versatile- whether you choose to dress it up with a suit or down by pairing it with khakis and one of our own Players Shirts.

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And whether the purpose is lounging at home (or a hotel suite) or dressing up for Valentine’s Day dinner, a fun pair of socks are a must. Our Austin bias notwithstanding, we love the sock subscription brand Sockwork ($20 / month), which donates a portion of profits to charities benefiting military families.

Single Pringles

Single and alone this Valentine’s Day? Maybe have some people who can tolerate you who are willing to watch non-romantic movies with you that you may call friends?
Then I have the perfect Valentine’s Day solution for you and your lonely friends.

On Valentine’s Day (or the best available date that suites yourself around Val day), congregate with your single friends at a house (preferably belonging a friend who has approved of said congregation) of your choosing to celebrate your single status!

Traditions include:
- Watching non-romantic movies or movies with a minimal romance plot.
- Watching Mean Girls (because Mean Girls you whore)
- Have a Secret Valentine (like secret Santa but with cheap chocolate and crappy flowers)
- Food. Lots of it. Must include Pringles.
- Tinder profile photo booth
- Taking the ugliest selfies possible
- Dominating in Monopoly
- Giving each other some of your favourite Tumblr Valentine’s Day cards to let your friends know just how fucked up your mind can actually be as you ruin Disney for them. Again.

So go forth, unite with your single friends. Celebrate being single, just as much you can/should celebrate being in a relationship


What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day❤︎

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Give the gift of a CRW mug this Valentine’s Day! If your order is a gift, let us know in the notes section and we’ll make your package festive! 😀💕❤️💞 *Tag your lovers & friends to give that subtle hint 😉👇🏼* **ANY order placed today and before 10AM Eastern time tomorrow will be shipped out tomorrow afternoon!** ***Coupon code expires 2/9*** #BookishGift #WriterGift #AuthorGift #MUGLOVE #ValentinesDay #Vday #VdayGift #TeaLoverGift #CoffeeLoverGift #books #booklover #reader #bookblog #bookstagram #writer #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writersofIG #coffee #coffeelover #coffeemug #tea #tealover


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