Which Witch

Summary: Dan and Phil are neighbors, witches, and enemies. Their feud leads to Dan cursing Phil, only for Phil to curse him right back. 

Genre: smut

Word Count: 4.9k

TW: slightly neglected aftercare

(i had this in my drafts in google docs with everything except the smut scene written and i’d completely forgot about it so!!! enjoy my dudes)

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May I take a moment to post some conceited selfies because I am living for these lip colors. Especially the darker near black purples.

I’ve never worn lippies of any kind b/c I chew my lips when anxious (and I thought I’d look weird). But that was exactly what I wanted to wean off of. previously i chewed off my nails but I managed to cut that habit by painting my nails pretty. So I figured I’d try wearing lipstick and I now I think I have a new obsession!

Also I need a haircut. I will never go back to long hair. Lol.

(Sorry for looking tired. I’ve been going to bed late and waking up early for the past week. No reason except that I don’t want to sleep >.>;)

@pinkyhuxy - Bean facts; how is he in the morning when he just woke up?! O3O
HE IS A GROGGY BEAN. It’s about an hour of bleary eye rubbing and yawning and sitting around trying to process what’s going on. He probably dreamt about his normal big self and is having a half asleep existential crisis. If he’s been sleeping with Millicent he’ll just lay attached to her tail until she gets up and dislodges him. Overall it’s a very quiet time that needs to be appreciated because it’s so rare.