I was bored and needed to step away from my commish for a bit, and then i saw screenies of Toll popping up on tumblr… an Toll you really pretty (*´▽`*)

so here, a chibi~

and its blue cause it was drawn on blue paper and scanned and fixed in ms paint so yah…. bleu~

PS: tumblr newb here, lets see if i can get this “#” thing right OTL


It may have taken me all day, but I did it. I’m sorry it took so long, honey.

I may not be the best wife/husband (it changes from day to day, honestly), but I do hope you had a great birthday, Toll. It’s been over a month, and already, I care for you more than I thought I could. If only my silly shaky hands could draw as well as I wish they could to give you something truly amazing.

So, while we’re together, I’ll shower you with all the love I can. While we’re apart, I’ll keep thinking of you. I love you, hun. Happy Birthday <3

I heard you wanted longer hair, so happy birthday, you’re hair’s waaaaay longer now <3