Aaaaaand it sukcs, lol.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice app: it can use up to 5 manageable layers, has many useful tools, supports hard pixels or antialiasing (whatever you like), etc but it has some things that gets in a way.

  • You can’t make frame page big. You just can’t.
  • You can’t go into Clean Mode without any frames.
  • Frames are definitive areas (they works like separated canvases) and you cannot put anything that will cross through them (eg. tail of a bubble).
  • There is no flip button. I abuse flipping/mirroring and I would prefer it over the undo button.
  • The file size is too small! I worked with pixels at times, instead working with drawings.
  • Tools aren’t perfect: text is either too big or too small with no inbetween, simply cuting something and moving around causes quality loss, pencil ‘lags’ and makes straight lines instead of curves when moving too fast etc etc
  • This app is not for paintings. Sure, you can try and do something nice but you will spend a lot of time on it, just like in MS Paint.
  • The interface is clumsy at times and the color… “wheel” seems to be buggy.

Add to this my ridiculously inaccurate touch screen and you can be sure you will have some irritating time with this software. But despite all those things mentioned I still think it’s worth checking. Note: it does not support 3D effect.



Will be a lot of text to read here. WARNING: engrish.

So. I decided to make some sort of major post which features few pages and overal art-style progress of my comic book. Perhaps, not many of you know, that I am (or was, seeing that I don’t do comics now) a comic book maker. Not a profesional one, of course, a hobbyst.

For a preface….

Comic books aren’t the easiest type of art to do. As I consider it fusion between book and movie/animation, it demands some knowledge and experience from artist. First, you have to balance stuff in your frames. Each frame is a separated picture, a little masterpiece of its own, with certain color schemes, moods, perspective, etc etc. Basically - each frame needs a composition, so the viewer can find it interesting to look at. However I find placing the dialogues and bubbles as the difficult part that may ruin you balance in your frame. Not only bubbles must fit in the frame, but also they must contain enough text (and don’t forget of the language knowledge that is required for creating dialogues). And bubbles must come in “logical” sequence, so the reader won’t be confused which bubble is first. Second, each of your page must be designed in that way so the plot/action can move within it, through the frames. Page must be balanced either, it must have it’s own composition, and like with bubbles, it should create logical sequence. And you have to remeber that each page is connected with the other one. Third, thinking ahead and designing the whole book to make each page look equaly good, without placeholders etc. And all of this needs the standard stuff from movies/books too - suspect, action, ending etc.

Reading a comic book, should be similar to watching an animation. Don’t belive me? Read Neon Genesis Evangelion (the only manga I’ve been reading loyally, to be honest). I like it not only for the story, but also for the way the pages and frames within them are made, creating animation illusion.

Now to the photoset itsef. It’s about one of my comic books - Zid, Zniw i Inni. Purely done for myself, the comic is the major thing I want to finish and leave before I die. It may be stupid, it may be weird, but it will be purely mine. I began working on it in elementary school, perhaps at age 7 or 8. Of course back in the day I didn’t have any major plan and everything looked like a crap (so ignore how bad this looks plz D: ), but the first steps were made.

My inspiration was, and still is, 2 comic books: Podróż Smokiem Diplodokiem, and Kajko i Kokosz w Krainie Borostworów. This and some animations I watched back then.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the copy of the very first comic I did. The first version, that could shed light on few things I have problems with, was taken by a teacher (my friend grassed me up) and it was lost. I did a copy of it (3. and 4. top), but certainly it wasn’t the same and I’m positive that some settings and parts were changed. Later I did another, more advanced, copy of it, at age perhaps 10-12 (4. below (phone number censored)).

Later I began working on Cosmic Pangea and other stuff but at age about 16 noticed that those characters where allways with me and were important to me and I began re-creating the comic book in a more, epic and finished way, with few volumes and actual story in it (1. - 2.). My style was evolving and I began become better and better at understaning the compostion, frames, watercolors and watercolor pencils. In 1. there are some pages from vol 2 and 2. are two pages from volume 3 and 4.

The characters may not changed very much (the comic, even if it contains different styles mixed together, is generally made in a very simple style), but they did changed a little. 5. shows the very first artwork of Zid (Zit then). Funny story it is how he was created. Basically a ribbon was hanging out of my wardrobe, and the shape of the ribbon created something donosaur-like thing. I decided to draw it, and good, because soon my mother put the ribbon in a right place. 6. shows a standart art “style” from the time. Hey, I was a kid. Notice some kind of side story with supernatural powers, hehe. 7. is more recent (but still old) render of the characters, perhaps from 2005. 8. shows the art style (with Seismosaurus/Diplodocus character) from about 2008. It’s quite actuall.

I’m showing and writting this online, because this is basicaly a part of me. I’m not just a fan artist, pokenerd or creature creator. I have other inspirations, aspirations, and projects too.

tl;dr -  old stuff from several years ago that is part of me.