I didn’t know how best to display thing but its only a mock up, I’ve been wanting to try something like this inspired by Hockneys work, so yea … erm I made a thing … I hope you like it, I actually quite like it in this black and white but I might try it in colour as well when I get some ink :) 
- Charlotte H 


I just entered the RHS Young Photographers competition, I was almost too old to qualify but I wasn’t by 19 days so yayyy :D So erm yea … the closing date is tomorrow so we shall see how it goes, this will be the first competition in photography I’ve ever entered so I’m not expecting anything but it would be amazing to even get a certificate of recognition I’m not even going to consider winning a possibility, but yea I’m thinking about the Sony World Photography one but I’m not a 100% sure if I’ll enter yet, if anyone hears about any and could let me know I’d be grateful I really have no idea where to even begin to look :/. Anyway I entered these ones because well they’re amongst (is that really how you spell that word?) my favourites. I’ll let you know how it goes I guess :) 
Have a wonderful evening,
- C x