Happy BIrthday Yu Hamin!♡

I know it’s a bit late but over here it’s still the 15thFeburary; Yu Hamin was the first Ulzzang I was interested in. I think it was his eyes that made me fall for him. The shape of those eyes is just fabulous and wonderful. Yu Hamin is one of those ulzzangs that are popular with only their pictures, I don’t think i ever saw a video of him, but only that one gif. Yet I think he must be a lovely person to hang around with. The way he responds on twitter is really cute. He also tried to interact with international fans; his english was adorable. He doesn’t smile often but  when he does you see how sincere it is (eventho it can also be creepy at times). I can’t actually describe how much I love this dude but I hope he’ll keep having fun modeling or going to parties with his friends. Oh and I hope his legs will stay that awesome; cause that was another reason I fell for him. Hope you had a nice birthday baby boy. I love you.