You’re My Favorite Song- A Perc’ahlia Playlist

1. An Act Of Kindness- Bastille 2. Quiet- LIGHTS 3. Holding On To You- Twenty One Pilots 4. Hold My Heart- Lindsey Stirling, ZZ Ward 5. Tip Of My Tongue- The Civil Wars 6. Under The Table- Banks 7. Just A Kiss- Lady Antebellum 8. Dead Girl Walking- Heathers the Musical


it’s still kaworu’s birthday i’m not too late!!

i’m not good with character deconstructions or whatever and i had to rush this in order to make it on time for this angel’s birthday but my idea was along the lines of kaworu making his own choices since being with seele, the idea that “kaworu” does not matter (’merely a tool for instrumentality’) is repeatedly engraved in his mind and maybe he thinks about it though kaworu seems pretty cool most of the time! but with shinji, he probably truly felt/feels love for being who he is!! idk! something like that but anyway!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAWORU!!