[VILLAIN] Witch Bandora.

Japanese name: 魔女バンドーラ
Romanized name: Majo Bandoora

Alignment: Bandora Gang
Type: Humanoid
Inspiration: Witch
Status: Defeated.

From: Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger


  • Bandora’s actor, Machiko Soga, passed away in 2006. Beforehand, she starred as non-villain Magiel in Magiranger. Her other tokusatsu roles include: Queen Hedrian (Denziman, Sun Vulcan), Laraba (Maskman), the voice of Ball Boy (Machineman) and a minor character in Battle Fever J.
  • Bandora’s name could be inspired by the Greek deity Pandora. The release of the Bandora Gang from the seal might be a reference to the opening of Pandora’s jar (often mistakenly called “Pandora’s box”). In Greek, the word “pithos” means “jar.” The vase-like imprisonment that Bandora and her minions were placed inside of in the finale resembles a typical pithos.
  • Unlike many of the archenemies in tokusatsu, Bandora survived. She was depowered after crying over her son’s death, and she was sealed away along with her henchmen.
  • Bandora wielded the Dora Scepter (ドーラセプター).
  • For the Japanese broadcast of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Machiko Soga returned to dub Rita Repulsa’s lines.
  • Bandora was the cause of the dinosaurs’ extinction.
  • She was originally the queen of an ancient tribe of humans known as the Dal.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com