When Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger was ending, I picked up a bunch of the merchandise for a fairly good price thanks to them having to clear the shelves for ToQger toys.

I didn’t feel like scouring the net to find the individual Zyudenchi that were all used in the show, so I sprung for the DX Box Set and then had to find a fairly cheap 00 Tobaspino on eBay.

The Minityra was also an eBay purchase but the Gaburevolver was purchased from Amazon for a pretty nice price (way cheaper than you can find them now).

The Super Sentai Zyudenchi were something I picked up on a whim with only the ZyuRanger and AbaRanger ones being something I really felt I had to have for the set given their prominence in the crossover movie. The other three I have are for GaoRanger, Hurricanger and DekaRanger.

The EX one is just something I picked up to find out how it would sound. It lists off the actual names of the dinosaurs for the five main Kyoryugers and a fact about each.  It’s a pretty long sound and I like it.

Lastly, I picked up the Kyoryuger Ressha on Amazon because it was fairly cheap and played a part in the Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider: Showa vs. Heisei movie.

A lot of people might not like Kyoryuger, but I did and I really loved the sounds the weapons made, which is why I picked these up when I had a bit of spare cash lying around.

I am really glad I did.  The Power Rangers version of the the Gaburevolver is TINY and totally nerfed compared to the original.  Much like the Mobirates vs. the PR version.  If you want to cosplay as an adult with good-sized props, always spring for the Japanese versions except for the blades. The swords are always so short, which is why I don’t have a Gabucaliber.


As with many movie exclusive mecha, Tobaspino is a remold of one of the main mecha, namely Kyoryu Red’s partner, Gabutyra, even being able to combine into a proper megazord as Spinodai-Oh. He does bring his own weapons though in the form of his back spines, which become the Spino Defenser (axe) and the Spino Boomerang, much like Deathryuger’s Flute Buster weapon. Since he’s a Gabutyra remold for the most part, his Spinodai-Oh form can combine with the Zyudenryu in the same ways, giving us fun combinations like Raiden Spinodai-Oh with Kyoryu Gold’s partner Pteragordon. Only downside so far, despite sharing a mold, Tobaspino lacks the button triggers inside the arm slots that activate the sound box, and as such, has a more limited sound chip. A little disappointing, but pretty much my only real gripe with the toy, aside from the terrifying aftermarket prices. Seriously, if you can find this big guy for under $200 and you think you can spare the dough, jump on it. There’s also been a Korean release of the toy, so you might try that, and the only difference between these two releases are the sound files, as all the Bandai Asian toys should be identical.

I’ve missed taking toy photos, I should do more of that. :)