Zype Presents at VideoInk Showcase in NYC

Last week Zype participated in the first ever Video/Tech showcase during NYC’s Advertising Week, hosted by industry leaders VideoInk and Dailymotion.

The event was held at the Dailymotion offices in New York City.

While on stage, co-founders Ed and Chris demonstrated two core features of the Zype Platform:

Dynamic Player Technology

Zype’s video player dynamically optimizes delivery based on a viewer location or device, revenue and licensing rules of the area, and can manage multiple video sources such as Hulu, YouTube, and other traditional OVPs and syndicated content sources. 

Turnkey Roku Apps 

Video content owners can leverage existing platform content to launch their own Roku channel without development or IT.

Other companies who presented include N3twork, TouchCast, Tubular Labs, Vuier, Wemolab, and Wonder Place.

Zype Playlists

Use Zype playlists to create collections of videos group together for playback in a specific order. Playlists can be used inside the player or pulled from the API for inclusion as content.

In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Search / filter existing playlists
  • Create and edit playlist titles, descriptions, and visibility
  • Manage videos (add, remove, organize)
  • Add categories to segment groups of playlists

In our upcoming walk-through series we’ll be exploring “Magic Playlists” which are collections created dynamically based on categories, metadata or metrics such as a most popular list.

For more information about the Zype platform, go here.


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