anonymous asked:

Hi, I read your post earlier and I thought maybe I could stop by to say that I really like your gnolls. Gnolls and hyenas aren't particularly well-known, so its always interesting to find other people who like them. Anyway, I always look forward to your daily drawings; keep up the good work!

Thank you very much, anon! :D

I’m glad you like the hyenas I draw, here’s a somewhat rushed drawing just for your ask (:

I’m also very curious who you anon are, because I’m by far not famous enough to have people be to shy to talk to me directly! o:

Really, don’t be shy about talking to me, I appreciate all the friendly attention I can get. (:

I practiced some more. I feel like I finally reached a point I’m satisfied with :D

By the way, @ikrutt the inspiration for me to improve. I saw those >>icons<< in a reblog and wanted draw something as pretty. Now I got to find some more art so pretty I want to make something like that too :D