Doing a proper, neat and orderly ref sheet for my wingèd. I still have a lot of things to detail… once it’s all done I kinda want to format it into book form and print it out to geek out over my own creations. owo I have lots of illustration board and I know how to make books, so I could even make it hardback if I had enough pages

my thanks to jayrockin who helped me out with their leg-feathers and some other stuff :>

Oni-con is TOMORROW!! I’m glad I got these guys done (although I wish I had my additional ten Majora’s mask pins done as well, haaa @_@). I’m very pleased with them :3

These are their names: “>:3” kitty, zombie kitty, cool cat kitty, ninja kitty, puppy-eyed kitty, butler kitty, and office kitty.


Here are my favorite ten out of my POKEDDEX entries! I filled out a whole sketchbook with these guys, woohoo! Quite the accomplishment for myself, even if I didn’t do all 31 of the POKEDDEX days (I didn’t have enough pages, anyway P:).

I’m glad I finally got this done! It’s nice to have something completed, even if I’m not entirely happy with out some of them came out. I am proud of a few though, especially Skarmory. :3


I’m soooo proud of these ;O; They turned out super good!

Hopefully I’ll be able to find similarly styled boxes to make these in the future, so I can list these on etsy, but right now I only have two small and three large (and one unpainted small one that I’m going to turn into an Ender Chest later), and I’m probably going to sell out at A-kon. But the person I bought the original boxes from isn’t selling anything in their ebay store anymore? And I searched forever for them! Ah well.


These are some commissions I did at Oni-con! I did four others at the con, but I didn’t get pictures of them. I took three other commissions as well, which I’ll be completing in the next couple of days.

Oni-con was so brilliant, I had a blast talking to people about art and everything. :D I sold out of my PotaDOS, Spy, Medic, Engie, and Sniper buttons, as well as my Portal turret figurines, Pokéball charms, and Master Ball charms! A very successful first convention booth, A++ will vend again :3