Multiple social media = multiple funnel ?


New Social Media Spawn in Town

Finally, I enclosed my new profile account with paper.li. It’s another handytool to share 

important yet topical quantity in online newspaper form. A week earlier, I’ve been busy writing a blog in this platform as well as sharing many great articles on Twitter and Linkedin. But, what does it means to have multiple platform like this? Where does it go? 

One thing I understand by having multiple platforms is that the MAINTENANCE!! Everyday it took me hourless of work just to maintain the pages that I would like to update, even to follow latest news and updates across platforms took relentless time as well, browsing your page one by one. Somehow, I really enjoyed it to the fullest and the fact that I’m gettting in touch with latest trending around the web, I felt that this is a priviledge benefit from social media. 

I remember having only Facebook while on the other hand, I was blogging as well. It doesn’t conveyed me enough viewers to my blog. It’s either my blog is quite tacky or I hang out with different crowd on Facebook. Soon as I getting to know with Twitter, I start stumbling upon people who has similar interest with me; well, I can find it too on Facebook but Twitter has more quality members with vast range of category. Besides, Twitter is a platform where you can share interest and great articles. This is a place to be for some crowd with manner. 

Effective Funnel

Anyway, talking about how your social media platform means for you/your business. Currently, I’m active in, at least, 6 social media’s in which each of these are having their own benefit. Depending on the type and purpose of the social media itself. For example: I got Twitter and Facebook to share my updates across my own crowd and get in touch with them, on top of that, I recently signed up for Paper.li (daily news publisher). It enables me to select specific news/updates from Twitter and any other resource for my own reading. People can subscribe each other as well to read others daily. Furthermore, I got StumbleUpon, web surfing website, I’m able to stumble across the net watching only website category of my own selection. 

All of that combinations have formed my own sphere of social media; of course, as a blogger it is important to sync all of that leads, so then your content can be conveyed to your crowd. Can not be missed. 

Hang out with the good Crowd

The essence of communication here is that you must actively engaging in mutual communication. I always give a shoutout on someone’s journal or forward their articles and whatnot. I am hoping to create a good exposure effect on my networks, I need to be heard. However, I really sustain the dynamics of my blog in order to create a significant exposure rate everywhere I connected to, and, also, you must do the same for the sake of your content. Create a good readership and maintain healthy relationship with your readers, networks, followers, friends, whoever it is, stay dynamics and sharp that is the key of effective social media-ing. To summarize, social media marketing revolves about people, if you can win it, then the game is yours.

How useful (path) for your online social life?

Have you ever heard about this new web / application ? it’s a new web journal on the go. Well, I would like to define this website in a short. Path is a web journal, where people could really share pretty much everything. It allows you to share what’s on your mind, just like updating a status on Facebook, Check - in your hangout spot, also sharing a picture with your love ones. 

What comes into my interest is that the timelines on this apps. It depicts a time exactly when there is an even occurs. So, for example, I have just check-in at a restaurant and I uploaded a picture of myself with prawn curry that I ordered. Next, I’m eating while listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and share it on my profile. All that, appeared on my path page as in picture-frame-alike or in a timelines. Overal design is frantic. Tight. 

Design Impact 

At the outset of the design, path has refined everything. It’s all about the experience of the user. I truly believe that the design of their website is far more important than the features. It revolves about decluttering and simplification. Feeling like a journal is important for their mission, but the bigger design you will notice as you utilize the apps, it’s so clear and pinpoint the purpose of the journal itself. 

A new Marketing Treat 

After a closer look, it appears that Path only allowed the member to have 150 members, which creates the exclusivity image. You invite only selected numbers of people. How’s this gonna impact your marketing? Well, initially, think about a ball-room full of guess, that I would like to make an equivalent of a Facebook, everyone is there. Talking about great amount of topics, from the dull conversation into sparky one. But, Path is just like a kitchen table, it really resonate only to number of friends at your own pick. It address only people with similar interest, pinpointing at your specific viewers. 

The second version of the application has developed quite rapidly from the first one. Vast changes were made, according to viewer needs. They got one goal: Make customer happy ! 

My girlfriend had used this apps on her iphone about a month and still give it a go. She said it’s quite nice and it’s good for you who love to write a journal or sharing story. Nice features and whatnot, handy, you should give it a try on your phone (iphone or Android) or PC. Have fun.