When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who’s going to die. You don’t know whose children are going to scream and burn! How many hearts will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood splattered until everybody does what they were always going to have to do right from the very beginning: sit down and talk.

I’m watching independently licensed Doctor Who spinoff video Zygon: When Being You Just Isn’t Enough.

The Zygon’s love interest was given Zygon powers. She then knocked out a random guy in the street, stripped him, took over his form, used his body and credit cards on a shopping spree, used his body to go pee in the men’s room, and is now hooking up with his ex girlfriend. In fairly explicit detail.


The Zygon Inversion (S09E08) // Smile (S10E02)

Heaven Sent (S09E11) // Smile (S10E02)

David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes lyric // The Doctor is happy too!

The last parallel wasn’t necessary, but damn it, Peter’s a huge fan of David Bowie, as is many of us, and that was a nice nod to the music Legend!


You have been the Doctor’s companion some time now and same time you have been dating great, maybe too great guy. You haven’t found any bugs from him. Nothing wrong at all. He always has been just too perfect. Too dreamy. He is like a prince from many fairy tales. Tomorrow is your wedding day and you are so excited to marry this dream guy you always dreamed about as a child while reading your favorite fairy tales about princess and gallant prince. You always wanted to get your own prince charming who will save you for example from the big bad wolf. You still can’t believe it..that soon tomorrow you will marry that perfect guy. Guy you always wanted.

Next day on wedding day, when you are alone in front of the huge mirror with your beautiful dress on, having your gorgeous wedding make up, something  unexpectedly happens. It’s the Doctor with his Tardis, teleporting you straight into his Tardis. And then he takes you away from your home planet, far away to another planet just to be sure that you won’t marry that guy.

“Doctor! What are you doing!? I need to go back, you can’t do this!” -You

“Listen. I brought you here..to stop you. I can’t allow it. You deserve much more than him.” -11th

“What are you talking about? He is the right one..for me! You can’t stop anything!” -You

“Please let me show you..” -11th

Then the Doctor showed you your future with that guy by traveling in time. Doctor proved you what kind of dream that guy you almost married really was. It was very shocking. He was repeatedly cheating Zygon.

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