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Wednesday Night Fight Night! John Wall squares off with Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and the Heat simply could not be softer at this point.

Wall took exception to some blatant elbows from Big Z, and punched him right in the ribs. Ilgauskas looked stunned by the attack, unable to figure out exactly how to hit Wall back. It was the opposite of a Kevin Garnett situation, where KG picks on a much-smaller European guard who he knows won’t fight back. Here, Ilgauskas picks on a much-smaller American guard, and when Wall fights back, Z has no idea what to do. KG would have already have been walking away with his arms up like a coward, but that’s the result of years of practice.

JaVale McGee runs in like a maniac once the action gets started, because he’s JaVale McGee, and that’s just what he does. Flip Saunders knows this, too. He ran on out on the court - not to the main skirmish, where Wall and Z were grappling - but directly to the craziest player on the floor. Even with his franchise player brawling with a man who outweighed him by over a hundred pounds, Flip knew that he had to head for the craziest player on the floor. Honestly, JaVale might have died, either due to a wild punch from Juwan Howard, or hitting himself in the face with a wild haymaker.

While all five Wizards step into the fray, Howard is the only Heat player who comes to Big Z’s defense. LeBron stays off in the corner, running his own personal isolation set during the skirmish. Why step in and help your teammate when there’s a broken-down 38-year-old to do it for you? James Jones stays away, clearly afraid McGee might again try to dunk on him 15 feet away from the basket, and Eddie House holds back for fear that Sam Cassell will attack him for stealing his “big balls” dance.

Ultimately, Ilgauskas, Howard, and Wall were both ejected, and JaVale McGee was returned to his specially padded cell in the Washington locker room.

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