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❖ Akos & Zim >.>

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*Set prior to Akos’s SIS days, when he was working as a bodyguard on Nar Shaddaa

Double shifts were hell. And working under the thumb of a hutt only made them worse. But hey, it was a way to make decent credits. And there were worse positions to have in the Hutt Cartel. Ones that would make him end up in a prison. That wasn’t something he wanted.

He sidled to the bar in the Slippery Slopes Cantina, blue eye and cybernetic taking in everyone there. Crowded, lot of off worlders wanting to rub elbows with locals to brag back home about it. Not his typical cantina stop, but it was on his way home.

He mumbled a thanks as the tender served the Echani whisky. It had a bite to it, and was definitely an acquired taste. Not for the weak of heart. The burn of fiery wood taste mixed with an earthy tinge was left by the biting after effects. Akos went to set the credits down when the tender waved it off.

“Already covered, handsome.” He watched as the tender gave a nod to a man at the end of the bar. Akos raised a brow as he looked the tanned, olive toned brunet over. Decent looking, to say the least. Warm, brown eyes met Akos’s gaze and the man gave a grin and a wink. Akos raised his glass to him as a thanks and gave a bit of a nod of his head to invite the man over.

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Thought this was awesome; top is Brian Shaw, four time World’s Strongest Man who has had a long standing rivalry with Zydrunas Savickas, bottom left. And apparently they’re both into shooting as well. 

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☀ for Akos (who is too pretty to be SIS, the pretty ones usually work for the Empire :P)

Prompt Meme - SWTOR style

☀  OC’s First time meeting a Sith

The way the Jedi and Sith were vying for the affections of the Hutts was nauseating, to say the least. The Jedi, at least, weren’t as grandiose and over the top as the Sith, who came with empty compliments and expensive gifts. Akos’s eye narrowed a bit as he examined the overdressed Sith Lord as he made his proposition. The Hutts were a vain species, dispute their grotesque appearance.

He did his best to keep his face in neutral as he listened to the man’s words. He was already counting the ways to disarm and neutralize him as a threat. Typically, the Jedi and Sith ignored him when he did this, but his actions seemed to have caught the man’s attention. He looked over at Akos, smirking and examining the man. Akos merely narrowed his gaze more, lifting his chin up. He easily towered over the Sith, then again, Akos tended to do that with most humans.

Feel free to enjoy my apartments, take pleasure with my slaves.” Akos held back a wince at that invitation. Sure, he understood the purpose of slaves in the economic structure of the Hutts and the Sith, but that didn’t mean he entirely approved of how they were treated.

“And what of him?” The question brought Akos’s attention to the Sith Lord. Akos sneered at him, disgust evident on his features.

“I’m not a slave, you overdressed prick,” he snapped, squaring his shoulders a bit.

Akos,” the Hutt chuckled, “always a sharp tongue. Be polite to our guest.

“No, no, on the contrary, it’s quite amusing,” the sith countered, eyeing Akos. “I’m sure we can continue our conversations at a later date. See how long you can keep that silver tongue of yours.”

Akos realized this was going to be a long, long visit from the Sith Lord.