Drum corps lesson #3

Time doesn’t dictate who is closest to your heart. It’s not how long you know a person, but the depth of the experience that you’ve shared with those people. That’s what determines love. That’s what determines family.


Today, Zydeco announced their “inactive status”. 

Most of us are so sad to see them go because they are one of the few independent world programs left that doesn’t pander to judges for scores, take part in ridiculous phases, or follow trends simply to appear “cutting edge” and “risky”. 

That is not to say that Zydeco didn’t take risks. They were never the same old, same old - that’s for sure. I simply mean that they didn’t sacrifice the audiences enjoyment of the show for the number on paper. 

Zydeco winter guard was dedicated to entertainment, and they were damn good at it. So good that every single winter guard they ever put out went to finals. 

A lot of organizations could learn a thing or two from them. 

If you’ve never seen it (or if you have), take a few minutes to watch their 2012 production, “Remember the Tin Man”. It’s one of my favorites and the first show of theirs that I got to see in person. Take a minute to remember this fantastic organization and be thankful that they graced the floor for us so many times. 


Remember the Tinman

Farewell to Zydeco...

I heard today that the Zydeco Colorguard was going inactive and was sad because they were always a personal favorite. I hope they return soon! 

Byron Valentine, executive director of Zydeco states: 

“The decision to have Zydeco go inactive was not an easy choice to make. In fact, it was one of the most difficult, emotionally-challenging decisions we were faced with, and is something we’ve been discussing for more than a year. We chose the term “inactive” as other words have too severe a tone of finality to them. The administrative board and I are committed to not fielding a unit in 2015, and believe a longer hiatus may serve the organization well, however no one can predict what the future holds. I truly hope that somehow, some way, Zydeco will be back – bigger, bolder, and better than ever – in the future. For now, we are taking a break from the activity and focusing on new projects. 

In our seven-year competitive existence we have fielded nine winter colorguards: one Independent A team (2013), two Independent Open teams (2007 & 2011), and six Independent World teams (2008-2009, 2011-2014), with every team achieving finalist status at WGI World Championships and being a World Class Fan’s Favorite in 2011. It has been a whirlwind of a ride; none of us were prepared for what Zydeco Colorguard would become when we first met to discuss the idea of starting a small, local independent colorguard. We were simply a group of friends that wanted to have fun while trying our own thing…and that thing quickly evolved into something pretty spectacular. We are proud to have left a small thumbprint on the activity, and hope to return one day with more stories to tell. 

To our beautiful friends, fans and supporters: we thank you for everything. We did what we do for you. 

To our staff, past and present: our gratitude is forever. Thank you for your time, talents, and for helping to mold and shape Zydeco into the colorguard that we are today. To the core that have been with us since day one: there is beauty in finding a team that you can place blind faith and trust into, and would be unwilling to work without. Thank you for becoming the founding mothers and fathers of Zydeco, and keeping our values and traditions alive.

To our members: you will be imprinted on our hearts forever. You are Zydeco. Thank you for spending a season, or two, or three, or even four with us! The stories we’ve shared, the experiences we’ve gone through, the blood, sweat, tears, and laughter: we hope it was worth it. Whether you were an inaugural mime, paying tribute to a tragedy, a glittery storm maker, a bad guy, a zombie, a tin man, a ghost, a mama or papa, or living the hard life in the dust bowl: you were a special part of us. You will always have a family with Zydeco - we’ll stand by you.

We won’t say goodbye, we’ll simply say farewell for a while. Best of luck to all competing units in 2015; keep following the yellow brick road!

Byron Valentine
Eric Jones
Lynsey Tyson
Patricia Simmons
Board of Directors, Zydeco Colorguard"