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Haha, I can just see Sabo doing all sorts of merchandise for his OTP, the most popular being AxR buttons which start to pop up more as the ship grows. Nearly all the Whitebeard pirates have them (much to Ace's embarrassment), and quite a few revolutionaries too. The Marines are going crazy, thinking it's some kind of code. It gets even worse when Garp is seen proudly wearing one. (There's even a rumor that a certain Warlord has one, but it says ZxR. No one has the guts to ask him though.)

Shanks, upon learning about this, goes out of his way to tear apart and break every last AxR button he comes across. Yasopp doesn’t dare share the fact he ship sit too. 

Practicing my body position around Cadwell, I dont tend to stick my knee out, as you can see i could easily get my knee down but i find it far more comfortable not to do it.

My tyres felt a little greasy mid day, so my rear end was squirming a little, not as frightening as you’d probably think

Cadwell Park 14-July-2011 Ducati 748 BIP