I really wanna make an ‘about’ but I wanna change my icon more but panicked Lillie really represents my personality better than any thing else I could ever make my icon

@reijiakabutt lmao the world must know (jk man jk i mean u were right about him tho he’s likeable tho i wouldn’t um… yeah…)

@pxiao i laughed so fucking hard because there was so many ways they could have gotten rid of him or gotten away from him but someone on the writing staff actually went “so the robot/duel disk what supposedly only has an eye left… can eat… and it east HIM!” like jfc THAT was only PART of what i meant by “ridiculous”

@lilias-amell yeeeep he straight up vored him. and before anyone tries to come up with excuses like “oh it’s NOT VORE” like… it is. just accept it. 3 eps into vrns n chill and he give u dat look (before voreing u)

i’m trying to watch this is the same vain that i watched zxl tbh like just watching it… *sighs* for the sake of watching it becuz it’s yugioh. i’m sure (i HOPE) i’ll like a character or two out of the entire cast but i dont ever see myself getting seriously invested (thank god tbh) in it or really caring where the story goes… no, more like… i dont see myself ever feeling EXCITED for it. i never did with zxl and i dont see it happening to me for this show either. i did with the a5 manga at first but then the plot has since gone down the shitter since reiji & yuya’s duel, imo. and my god. same about the yliasters. i did not enjoy them at all. they’re part of the reason why i find the second half of 5 d s so hard to get thru (i’m still not done with my rewatch cuz that fucking WRGP is so fucking ughhhhh but… do it for bruno, sai, pls… one of these days).