Did… did I actually size this right for it to show up properly on people’s dashes? More Star Wars nonsense, because attractive twi’leks are attractive. Lots of repeat angles here, but that’s why it’s all sketches and nothing finished :B

ANYWAY this guy is Zek Nevaron and he is a shameless flirt and absolutely the sort of person who’s cool with being half-naked while hanging out with someone fully clothed, assuming the fully clothed party is okay with that, but in the interest of full disclosure this hasn’t actually happened yet. Also some bonus Injured!Jei.


The scions of Kresnik have waged war amongst themselves for centuries, each one hoping to reach Canaan first. The pact came to be known as Origin’s Trial, to test us. To test our strength, our will, our ambition. Perhaps the spirits just find enjoyment in watching humanity struggle and suffer.

Headcanon I just came up with, based on the idea that ferengi think of all clothing as masculine so dresses & skirts with leggings are totally normal ferengi businessman clothing.

But also the more space an individual takes up = more social power, like a fabric version of poofing yourself up to be bigger.  Bigger = more attention = more power, yes, this is good.

So basically what I’m getting at is that the more social pull a ferengi has the more likely they are to wear brightly colored versions of this nonsense