unquiet night | kat & zach


Sometimes, when she forgot about it, when she started settling into her everyday life again, it came without warning, but almost always the same, she was being chased down the road but no matter how fast she run or how far, she always got hit, the sound of the metal from the car hitting her bones, mixing with a hard thud of her head hitting the ground before blood seeping through, wetting the ground, and she would wake up in jolt, choked by her own scream. 

She hadn’t had any nightmares ever since she and Zach somehow always end up sleeping together for the last month, either at her place or his, except for when he was working. Tonight, was one of those night that Zach worked late so she can’t stay up to wait for him, and after a whole day of photoshoot and do the budgeting for her line, she fell asleep only to have the nightmares came back, making her turning and tossing with sweat wetting her face. Her face contorted in fear and horror, her hands gripping the sheets in panic like she was struggling.