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Bože, túžim tak veľmi, až ma to zabíja zvnútra. A už som unavená z upokojovania vlastnej mysle slovami “možno raz” a “jedného dňa”. 
Už je mi to jedno a strácam zábrany.
Je mi absolútne jedno ako to urobím, ale odmietam ďalej plytvať svojim životom a dychom.
Chcem začať.
Chcem cestovať. A no a čo, že nemám veľa peňazí, odveziem sa do Budapešti a celý víkend strávim prechádzaním sa úzkymi uličkami, ležaním na lavičkách v galérii, pitím kávy a sledovaním oblohy. 
Chcem písať. A nech už má ten zápisník akokoľvek peknú obálku, nebudem sa báť škrtať a trhať a prepisovať. A budem písať o ľuďoch, ktorých stretnem na ulici, o ich tvárach, životoch a snoch. A budem písať o sebe a o tom aká som, nie aká chcem byť.
Chcem sa prestať báť. Nie som viac, nie som menej, vždy budem dosť. A keď so mnou ten s pekným úsmevom bude chcieť tancovať, poviem áno. A keď nie, budem tancovať sama. Nebudem sa hanbiť za moje slová a moje city. A nebudem svoj život podriaďovať iným.
Chcem a túžim a musím, lebo ak nie, myslím, že vyhorím. 

"I’m travelling, mother. Forgive me. Reproach and blame is not going to be helpful. I’m lost and it’s out of my hands. Forgive me if I didn’t do as you told me and disobeyed you. Blame the era in which we live, Don’t blame me. I am now going and I will not be coming back. Notice I haven’t cried and no tears have fallen from my eyes. There is no more room for reproach or blame in the age of treachery in the People’s land. I’m not feeling normal and not in my right state. I’m travelling and I ask who leads the travel to forget."

Translated message written by Mohamed Bouazizi on his facebook before his self-immolation on the 17th of December, 2010

Humiliation in Sidi Bouzid  |  The Real Mohamed Bouazizi

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25-Million-Year-Old Primate Fossils Unearthed in Tanzania

Enrico de Lazaro  |  Sci-News »

Ohio University-led scientists have uncovered fossils of two new species of ancient primates, named Rukwapithecus fleaglei and Nsungwepithecus gunnelli, which they say are the oldest paleontological evidence of split between Old World monkeys and apes.

Geological analyses of the site indicate that the finds are 25 million years old, significantly older than fossils previously documented for either of two major groups of primates: the group that today includes apes and humans (hominoids), and the group that includes Old World monkeys such as baboons and macaques (cercopithecoids).  >continue<

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Warming Huts provide shelter for ice-skaters on Winnipeg's frozen river

Kaviareň v krížovom stane, zrkadlení úkryt a pop-up umelecká galérie patrí medzi prístrešky, ktoré architekti  rozmiestnili pozdĺž zamrznutej rieke vo Winnipegu v Kanade.

Otepľovanie Búdy je každoročná medzinárodná súťaž návrhov drobných stavieb . Inštalované na Forks oblasť Winnipeg.

Tohtoročné víťazné návrhy sú Mirror cloaking študenta z University of Manitoba Winnipeg, ktorý využíva jednosmerné zrkadla , leštenú nerezovú oceľové panely k vytvoreniu reflexného rámčeka z vonka a sledovanie zvnútra.

Dizajn sa hrá s myšlienkou, že uzavretá štruktúra sa stala transparenta a návštevníci môžu ešte nájsť teplo v rámci “otvorených priestorov “vysvetlil tému.

 Plátno domu tvorí strecha York Boat galérie, pop-up umelecké galérie na ľade miestneho umelca kolektívne Chris a Kine. Zatiaľ čo hybridný Hute Mexican štúdio Rojkind Arquitectos bol postavený za použitia radu rozdelených protokolov, ktoré vytvárajú špicaté zakrivený prístrešok na lavicu.

Architekti v kombinácii tradičných remesiel a 3D modelovanie technológie na výrobu hrbatý tvar konštrukcie. Protokoly sú upevnené na drevených lamiel, ktoré vyčnievajú špičky hore podobne ako hroty ježka kabátu.

Čo je použitie súčasních technológií, ak to nemôže naučiť rásť s procesmi už získaných remeselníkov a tradície? “Dodali.

foto:Mirror Cloaking by University of Manitoba students

      York Boat Gallery

       The Hybrid Hut by Rojkind Arquitectos


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CIA Finally Admits Role in 53’ Iran Coup

DSWright  |  Firedoglake »

Well that only took 60 years. The CIA has finally admitted to its role in the coup that overthrew Iran’s democratically elected leader and replaced him with the Shah – a tyrant whose brutality set the stage for the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The revolution involved the storming of the U.S. embassy in Iran leading to a prolonged hostage crisis.

"The National Security Archive on Monday published evidence of the CIA’s long-known role in the 1953 Iran coup that helped pave the way for the Islamic revolution 26 years later.

The newly declassified material is believed to contain the CIA’s first public acknowledgment of its role in deposing democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq after he nationalized the country’s oil industry. The move – and Iran’s broader lurch to the left under Mosaddeq – infuriated Great Britain and the United States, which pressed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to depose him in 1953.”

The information released to the National Security Archive proves what most observers have long known – that the antagonism between the United States and Iran stems from U.S. malevolence in the country.

"The 1953 coup remains a topic of global interest because so much about it is still under intense debate. Even fundamental questions — who hatched the plot, who ultimately carried it out, who supported it inside Iran, and how did it succeed — are in dispute.

The issue is more than academic. Political partisans on all sides, including the Iranian government, regularly invoke the coup to argue whether Iran or foreign powers are primarily responsible for the country’s historical trajectory, whether the United States can be trusted to respect Iran’s sovereignty, or whether Washington needs to apologize for its prior interference before better relations can occur.”

But why do they hate us?

Perhaps Americans should consider how they would feel if a foreign country was intimately involved in overthrowing its democratically elected leader and then helped install a brutal tyrant. And then, to add insult to injury, that foreign country spent the better part of three decades criticizing America for not being democratic enough after the American people overthrew the tyrant. Just saying.

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How Obama Has Failed to Deliver
Ullrich Fichtner, Marc Hujer and Gregor Peter Schmitz  | Der Spiegel »

…The bloggers and tweeters have taken control of the media, as have new media outlets like Politico, a blog whose reporters have 15 minutes after a presidential speech to turn in their first analyses. They are groomed to focus on conflict because it attracts the most attention. Readers are quick to click away from stories that don’t titillate, so that fleeting moments become the real story in Washington.

…The Tea Party is a problem for Obama, not because it could come into power itself, but because it exerts so much influence over the Republican Party and, in the end, has become the loudspeaker for the conservative half of America’s population. More alarmingly than ever, the Tea Party combines the glorification of the unsophisticated with megalomania, and conspiracy theories with poor education. Its supporters represent dark clichés of a vapid America, one in which there are plenty of people who would have no objection to many a modern book being burned.  >continue<

A German analysis of the state of America and the Presidency - and a good long read with some focus on the evaporation of civil intelligence and the apparent collapse of critical thought.  In one recent but poignant blip a Sunday Morning talk show host felt the need to apologize for evidencing the rare spirit of scientific and interrogative play, this time up against the sentimental employment of the term ‘hero’. In a nation reduced to “people” who “only read opinions that reinforce their own views" any pause over pushing sacred premises must abase itself before the altar of vulgarity.

The same overwhelming stew of outrage that once wielded the accusation of a “pre 9/11 mentality” now, after a financial collapse in 2008 which arguably eclipses the significance of September 11th, gives a pre 2008 mentality free reign. The duplicity has all the consistency of denial. We can’t look at Obama as rational individuals, taking in a shocking modern scenario earnestly and interrogatively, for we - as in Children of Men - aren’t reproducing humans any more. At best, when we can see past our appetites, we glimpse only broken bits of culture all jumbled up in a disfigured background.

A foreign perspective, then, which takes longer to read than a tweet.