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The thing that made me really start to dislike zutara is that almost all of the arguments for it completely glossed over all of Aang's character development towards learning responsibility and maturity - he's 12 and raised in a completely different culture, let him learn - and point only to his childish moments, usually from early in the show. Of course, the exact opposite is done to Zuko, their Tragic Fave(tm)

Double standards and hypocrisy are so deep in this fandom regarding Aang and Zuko. We can call Zuzu jerk, emo and a loser, too. Can’t we??

But you’re right, I know many of Zuzu fans are quite selfish. They think people should root for his character by default. They think the story should be about his character, he should get to shine and put on the pedestal at the expense of all others. He shouldn’t need to earn affection or respect, people should just love him cos he’s hot and has a sob story. Everything wrong he does is justified or someone else’s fault. “But he struggled!” Aang struggled, Katara struggled, Sokka struggled, Toph struggled. Other characters have sob stories too? They don’t matter, the story isn’t about them. They are entitled, a lot of their arguments boil down to Zuzu should get this and that.

I don’t understand why they have such limited empathy for Aang. The exuse for this limited empathy for him is “he’s the way of my ship” an exuse that uglier than a sin.

Claim to be anti-abuse and care about “honor”, yet ridiculously, verbal abuse everyone in the fandom and considered by many fans as the more obnoxious, most infamous part of the fandom.


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