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You're Professor X and you're reading my mind, seriously, haha. I wanted to make the same gifset from Shame today. With beginning and ending of the movie. OMG.

OMG!!! Really ? ( What if i’m Professor X !!! )

LOL!! You what they say …Great minds think alike :) I did loved your Shame gifs you made before, they’re flawless<333  I would really love to see your version, i know it will be…

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I hope that you're not sad because of this anon. Seriously, some people should think before they say something. Maybe they'd see difference between using gifs as reactions and stealing whole gifsets/photosets and writing that they made them. It's a really BIG difference. I'm sending you big hugs ♥

Awww, How sweet of you my love<333 i just woke up, and i saw your sweet messages, i knew this day will be great :)  Don’t worry love, i’m not sad at all, i was laughing every time i read this anon messages, i didn’t know if they trying to be a smartass or they’re just stupid :)

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for everything, for your kindness and for this sweet message, means the world to me, and for being my friend<333

Love you very very much baby<333

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Your gifs from new X-Men are pure perfection ♥ thank you for them, love!

Awww,Thank you so much :) Why you’re always sweet to me my love<333 means the world to me coming from you who i adore and admire ( You and your blog ) And thanks to you for giving me the link so i owe everything to you hun :) thank so much for everything sweetheart and for making my day by this sweet message and by Andrew’s gifs they’re just breathtaking  <333