Lesbian History:

Renee Vivien (1877-1909)

  • was born and raised in London but inherited all her father’s money at age 21 and peaced tf out to Paris where she held expensive parties all night long for all her lesbian lovers
  • she wrote hella poetry about ladies and lady lovin’
  • shacked up with another hella rich (but married!) woman Baroness Helen van Zuylen and with their combined wealth they traveled the world together to continue their affair outside the prying eyes of Helene’s husband, and as stated in a letter Renee wrote she considered Helene to be her wife aww wow :3
  • but she had a lot of affairs with other women until Helene found out about Renee’s philandering ways and left her which was talk of all the lesbian gossip in Paris which was so distressing Renee fled to goddamn Japan, woe is Renee.
  • Unfortunately this began her downward spiral into drugs and alcohol and BDSM parties where she basically spared no expense and the champagne flowed freely
  • next, our dramatic hero tried to commit suicide by drinking too much opium. she draped herself atop her fainting couch (dramatic) and held a damn bouquet of violets to her chest (for real), because Violet was the name of the woman she was in unrequited love with her entire life… and also because she floundered away her inheritance by this point throwing lesbian champagne orgies
  • like damn pardon the hell outta me Renee
  • sadly Renee died at age 31 from pneumonia due to her alcohol and drug addiction and her terrible health because of it all