Dear Zux.

Dear Zux, 

It has come to my attention that you have compared and subsequently converted Zera into a lawfag. 

I once described you and the Casa de Putas as younger siblings but I hope you understand that your actions have crossed the fucking line.

I’ve always been outspoken about my general indifference to a persons life choices, but alignment is another fucking issue entirely. Lawfags and chaosfags are corrupted scum blinded by promises from false gods such as YHVH or Lucifer. Their actions make no sense and they are brainwashed into dying for a purpose or being that doesn’t give two shits about them.

As the neutral hero of tumblr.com’s described “Whiplash & Friends” group I will naturally come to the plot point where I and the heroine will be forced to kill our former comrades. I was hoping Zera would be the heroine but you’ve converted her into something beyond scum.

I hope you understand this means war, old friend. When I step over your broken corpse as you wonder why YHVH never helped you on my way to destroy the chaos aligned people know that I have only the tiniest ray of sympathy for you. Goodbye, Zux.

Arrivederci, yours truly



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