iluvjessemac asked:

Hi darling! I would love for you to give me Zutara fanfic recs like you did for the anon! Btw love your blog, because Zutara is perf <3 <3 <3 I love stories that have like good plot dev & stay true to character, I would love to read your stuff too:)

Well, hmmm… *cracks knuckles* Let’s see what I can wrassle up for you.

First off, the stuff I’ve written recommendations out for are under the tag “fanfic rec” or under the “Written” button in the sidebar to your left. I also have reblogged quite a few fics that are hosted on tumbizzle, these are tagged “tumblrfic” and are usually drabbles. Pages and pages of goodness there.

Now, let’s see if I can recommend something you haven’t seen in the tag before.

When We Were Young by Em Dixon

Starts on the way back from Yon Rha, and it’s a series of firsts between Zuko and Katara. Teenagers at their most awkward. Adorable, with a heaping cup of angst. Fuller rec here. Complete.

Beyond Lost by therentyoupay (tumblr)

Really, really interesting and intriguing. An AU after S2, where stuff happens that sends Zuko and Katara into a waiting room of sorts. Super thought-provoking and winds up being terribly heartbreaking. Oneshot (with an incomplete sequel).

Rescue Me by hootowl

Another S2 AU (can you guess my soft spot?) that starts with asking the question of what would have happened if the warden on the earthbenders’ prison barge had a clue about how to run a prison properly. And by that, I mean the earthbenders did not win that prison revolt, so Katara winds up captured by the FN. Despite the potential for angst with this prompt, it’s actually super fluffy and a lot of fun. Incomplete, updates about once a month.

How Your Heart Beats by zukoshotpants (tumblr)

So, it’s practically canon that Zuko has a crush on Katara in S3. These are the shenanigans that ensue when everyone figures that out (except Katara) and tries to “help” him. The beginning is a bit iffy, but if you want a fun fic that gets better and better and better the more you read, this is for you. Incomplete, but updated every other month or so.

I also highly recommend the other stories these authors have on their FFN accounts. They’re all really fabulous writers, and most of them have more than one Zutara piece.

ZutaraFFRecs also has some great recommendations, too.

And, well, since you’re interested, I keep my SFW stuff on FFN (don’t mind the Jetko). And I have one, two, three smutty PWP pieces if that’s more your kink style.

Here’s to hoping your weekend is filled with lots of lovely, lovely Zutara fics!