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When people mess with your ship

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Ok but like why are the most obviously Amazing ships always forgotten, thrown away by their writers or treated as a damn joke like come on bro ….

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I was listening to Madness by Muse and for some reason, I could not get the image of Scott singing the vocals in it the whole time.
And Red, Raven, and Russ singing backup.
And Cry sitting like a child in the back clapping gaily to the beat.
So yeah that’s what my mind does at 7 am.
you’re welcome world.

I’m taking commissions! (More options will be added in the future)

For $10 you’ll get 5 quick sketches of ONE character, OTP, or BROTP of any fandom of your choice! The sketches are all random in style and content! I can’t really guarantee how it’ll turn out as I’m currently experimenting and trying new styles and coloring techniques but I really need the money because of bills and my dog’s spay procedure. x_x

Most sketches take about 15 - 45 minutes so it’ll help me a lot in improving in speed and technique, so any commissions are welcome!

If you have any questions, send me an ask/message!

Thanks so much!!!!!

Meant to Be

A/N: I felt a short Ravund drabble was in order. Take it and it’s fluffiness. This is also written in Jund’s POV. Yes.


I could tell she liked me from the very beginning. Her random comments in the chat made it very clear from the get-go. I’d never thought it would lead to this, though.

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【Cry Toon ft. The Late Night Crew】CS Coach Cry (by Lifoures)

Oh my fucking god guys. ATTENTION TO HATE-ANONS ONCE MORE.

AGAIN with the fucking anon-hate?! What the fucking hell is up with you guys hating on everyone? STOP. So what if someone was misinformed?! It was a mistake! It doesn’t fucking matter you pricks!

It’s over a damn AGE too!

I’m really losing my cool over this whole thing. Stop. Can’t you guys learn to just accept a mistake and love one another? Just fucking stop.

I know I’m being rude, but I have too.

Okay. Here’s an example.
Hate-anons. If you’re a writer or artist and you write/draw Cry with blue eyes or something- and you see his 5 year old self-portrait and he had brown eyes. You might as well hate on yourself for making a mistake.

I’m tired of everyone hating on one another in this tag. And so far, as I’ve seen, Kay’s been getting this shit the worst. Leave Kay alone for hate.
No, in fact, leave EVERYONE alone for fucking hate.

God damn. You make me want to bitch-slap a hoe, hate-anons.

I’m ending my rage-rant.
This whole thing is gonna quieten down. But whatever. I had to say something again.
I’m gonna read some fanfictions, play a video (preferably Saint’s Row so I can bitch-slap a bitch.), then calm down with YouTubers.


P.S: I love you positive anons. <3