fr tho why was the animation in The Southern Raiders like exceptionally gorgeous???

every single character looks like exceptionally and even more gorgeous and hot and spectacular in this episode and like this episode is already the best in the series writing-wise too like it was such God tier like @animation side of tumblr please explain this modern marvel we mere mortals were so unwarrantedly blessed with ty

I love the show and respect the writers but there’s no way in hell a 14 year old girl is gonna turn down a hot powerful angsty 16 year old firelord prince for a 12 year old monk


Doing something a little different for the reincarnation prompt. I wanted to go a slightly more story driven route and I felt like one piece wasn’t gonna cut it. So here’s two. I had this idea in my head for the longest time of these two being in a sort of ancient romance legend and meeting again in their next lives. So that’s what I tried to portray here. Feel free to come up with your own interpretation of these pieces. :D

Do you ever hear a new song through a fan video for your otp and that song is now associated with that ship and every time you listen to it a montage of your otp just goes through your head and it’s the most emotional thing ever.