two new babs comin at ya

Lottie [top] is a close friend of Tiana’s and works at Mel’s cafe. She’s very bubbly and loves to talk, especially to new friends and customers. Her favorite things are cats and floral prints, she has three cats of her own named Mocha, Frappe, and Espresso. She seems very soft and loveable, which she is, but if you happen to upset someone close to her she will destroy you.

Velvet [bottom] just moved back to Inkopolis to work for Tiana at her tattoo parlor after events took place resulting in Zurina getting fired. They’re very quiet and seem mute at first but are very friendly after getting to know someone and have a very soft voice. They will also cling to their friends and hug a lot, as well as having no filter when it comes to complimenting people.